Facebook advertising service in the field of education in Ho Chi Minh City

Why is it necessary to use Facebook advertising service in the education sector?

How do you think if you use Facebook advertising service in the field of education in the current 4.0 technology era? It is very necessary, that is Lokas’ judgment after many years of working in the field of marketing. Using Facebook advertising services in the field of education will bring agencies and businesses benefits such as:

  • Increase your ability to learn and develop enrollment plans in a mobile-first age
  • Businesses can effectively build brands
  • Increase access to more potential students
  • No more obstacles in the admission process
  • Businesses can build relationships through Messenger.

It can be said that in recent years, many centers, businesses, and even public schools have used Facebook advertising services in the field of education to reach potential customers. Promote your business brand in a strong and effective way.


Types of Facebook advertising for education:

When using Facebook advertising service in the field of education, you will have the following forms of advertising:

  • Page post: this is one of the types of enrollment postings on Fanpage, identifying the target audience and then triggering advertising. Enhances persuasion for viewers because it is possible to post multiple images in one post. Promote students’ need to leave contact information for advice. Viewers can comment, like, share, direct message to ask about questions that need to be answered such as tuition fees, admission requirements, etc. to help increase the chances of admission. When using Facebook advertising services in the field of education, you should not ignore this type of advertising!
  • Video Ads: Similar to Page post, only images are replaced with videos. Centers, schools can promote their entire facilities, landscape and strengths in the most attractive and impressive way.
  • Click to web: This feature is not the same as Page post in that it can only run 1 image and when students click on the image, they will go directly to the website.
  • Multi-product: Advertise with 5 different disciplines on the same ad, interested students and clicking on any major will directly access the web link of that discipline. To use this form, the educational institution needs to have a really quality website. This is a pretty good type of advertising you should not ignore if you use Facebook advertising services in the field of education.
  • Lead Ads: This form of advertising is very expensive. This type of advertising works in such a way that when a student clicks on the ad image, an available information panel will appear. Students only need to fill in the form and send it to confirm their registration for direct counseling.
  • Increase Like Fanpage: This is a form of increasing the number of new likes for Fanpage by promoting 3 to 5 articles with concise content at the same time, promoting the behavior of customers clicking “Like” Fanpage. This is a long-term investment method and will bring high efficiency if combined with running in parallel with Page post form.


In addition, you can refer to a few experiences related to the skills of building online marketing channels. These are the experiences that Lokas has accumulated after 7 years of working in the Facebook advertising service industry in the field of education.

Regarding Facebook marketing for schools, there are only 2 important parts. That is:

  • Quality of Fanpage content
  • Facebook advertising form

In the content development stage, you need to clearly distinguish which articles are main and which are secondary. Usually, the main posts will specialize in writing about service packages and differences for schools, in order to assert a separate position in the customer’s subconscious.

In a Facebook post, there must be four elements: Creating attention, making customers interested, giving a dream, expectation, and finally a call to action. If an article doesn’t have enough of these elements, it’s worthless.


Above are the shares of Lokas about Facebook advertising services in the field of education. Hope this article will bring you useful information. For your business that needs advice on overall marketing services, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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