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Find out in detail how Direct Routing 2022 works

In March 2017, Microsoft Teams was launched, which is one of the fastest growing business products in the world. Microsoft Teams is not only a platform provider for online meetings, but also provides internal communication, document management, and application integration. In addition, a new utility feature helps Microsoft Teams become a PBX and call rates cheaper, more flexible, and better support…. That is Direct Routing. So what is Direct Routing? How Direct Routing work? Let’s find out right through this article!

1. What is Direct Routing?

Direct Routing is a new feature released by Microsoft in June 2018, allowing users to bring their own telecommunications services connected into Microsoft Teams. Before Direct Routing, the only option for telecom services with Microsoft Teams were Microsoft’s calling plans.

How To Understand Direct Routing The concept of Direct Routing

Direct Routing is important because it provides a way for businesses to take advantage of affordable telecommunications rates and take advantage of the convenient variety of PBX systems that work with Microsoft Teams.

2. Why is Direct Routing needed?

After 6 months of Teams launch, Microsoft announced that Teams will be their cloud voice platform and replace Skype for Business. Since then, Microsoft has developed way for the platform to be used as a complete corporate phone system (PBX). Basically with two methods to do this :

How To Understand Direct Routing 1 Why do you need Direct Routing?

2.1 Using Microsoft Phone System and Call Plans

Created & maintained by Microsoft Teams on the Cloud, this package essentially turns Teams into a tightly integrated PBX with the rest and management of Teams’ functional interface.

The disadvantage of Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plans is that it is only available in a few regions at the moment and switching to Microsoft Calling Plan may face some legal problems bound by service providers . existing phone. The next reason, your plans and calls today will be up to 70% cheaper than buying a calling plan from Microsoft.

2.2 Using Direct Routing

Direct Routing allows you to connect Teams with telephony service providers . This means being able to take advantage of better call rates , more flexibility, and cheaper support .

Therefore, Direct Routing is considered a very attractive solution for many businesses because it gives them real flexibility when harmonizing PBX and Microsoft Teams resources.

3. How does Direct Routing work?

Direct Routing works by combining Microsoft Teams system with SBC – Session Board Controller and SIP Trunk.

How To Understand Direct Routing 2 How Direct Routing Works

3.1 SBC – Session Board Controller

Session Business Controller (SBC) is a set of solution appliances deployed based on SIP over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network. It is used at the borders between different networks to ensure that data flows in the right direction & provides a layer of security for SIP to protect against external attacks.

Traditionally, SBCs were located on internal servers, but today hosted on the Cloud platform offers greater flexibility and reliability along with lower operating costs, suitable for a variety of businesses. small, medium and large businesses.

Benefits of the SBC . Multi-Session Controller

The SBC Multi-Session Edge Controller provides the required control in IP-based interactive communications. Here are the benefits of SBC for Business

  • Safety : Protecting the IP PBX (HostedPBX) and UC server from denial of service (denial of service/distributed denial of service (DoS/DDoS)) attack, SBC also has automatic protection mechanism.
  • Optimized connectivity : Intercom connection (HostedPBX / UC), even under 2 different protocols; thoroughly solve problems of NAT, connect remotely behind NAT
  • Quality of Service (SLA) : ensures overload control, failure recovery, viability, quality of service and experience (QoE), availability, etc.
  • Regulatory compliance : according to actual and legal requirements such as surveillance, recording, etc.

3.2 SIP Trunking

SIP Trunks is a trunk line service running SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol, SIP) provided in all provinces and cities across the country, for corporate customers with full equipment. IP PBX radio.

4. Conclusion

Above is the information about how Direct Routing works that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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