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Frequently questions when using a virtual PBX you should know

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Frequently asked questions when using a virtual PBX

1. Can the virtual PBX integrate the numbers 1900 – 1800?

Virtual PBX allows the integration of numbers 1900 – 1800, in addition, it is also possible to integrate fixed numbers and mobile numbers to make a switchboard.

Troubled GapBuilt-in number 1900 – 1800

2. I have many branches across the country, can I call internally, what is the cost?

Virtual PBX with Conference Call feature allows free internal calls to branches.

3. What kind of Internet connection do I need to run a virtual PBX?

Ideally, you should have a broadband connection with an absolute minimum of 128kpbs. If you live in an area with poor internet connection then VoIP may not be the best choice for you.

You need to make sure you have enough capacity to handle calls for every user with a VoIP device. If you have a fast connection, there’s no reason why multiple users can’t route their calls over the same connection.

If several people are using VoIP, you should use an additional broadband connection specifically for VoIP. This ensures high call quality and prevents other internet usage from interfering with the VoIP system.

When You're Suffering From The End Of The GapConnect to the internet to run the switchboard

4. I already have my own hotline number, can I keep the old number when I switch to a virtual switchboard?

You can completely use the current hotline number for the virtual switchboard, if you don’t have a hotline number, the virtual switchboard supports buying a new number.

5. How to pay for phone numbers

Charges incurred by the phone number will be paid directly to the carrier providing the number. Every month, when the payment is due, the operator will text or email details of transaction fees and payment methods to customers.

6. How many VoIP IP phones can I run for a virtual PBX?

The number of VoIP phones you can operate on your connection will depend on the size, upload speed, and contention rate of your internet connection. In addition, you also need to consider how many VoIP phones will need to run concurrently so that you can maintain your preferred call quality.

As a general rule, if you can allocate 80-100K upload speeds to each phone, you can get the best high quality calls without compression. Here’s what we recommend. You can use more VoIP phones on the same connection by compressing VoIP calls using codec codec compression; but this will complicate your settings and may affect call quality with intermittent echo and muffled ringing.

When You're In The DarkRun how many VoIP IP phones for PBX

7. What phone equipment do I need for a virtual PBX?

If you want to invest in a virtual PBX system, you will need some kind of VOIP IP phone equipment. This can come in the form of:

VOIP IP or SIP Phone

  • This is like a normal phone except that it communicates using an IP connection. These phones plug directly into a router, LAN, or LAN hub. You don’t need to turn on your PC for VoIP phones to work.


  • It’s an application that runs on your PC and uses your PC’s soundcard and microphone to chat over the phone.

Analog Phone Adapter (ATA)

  • This device converts analog traffic from analog (regular BT type phones) to IP traffic. This device is similar to a VoIP Gateway device except, depending on the model selected, it is designed to connect one or more analog phones.

VoIP Gateway – VoIP Gateway

  • This device converts analog traffic from your analog phone into VoIP traffic. These are often referred to as FXS (Forex Station) devices.

8. Are customer calls recorded, how can I listen to the recording file again?

Customer calls will be recorded. Virtual PBX with call recording feature of incoming customers, allowing you to listen to the recording file in the call history.


Above are all the information about frequently asked questions when using virtual PBX that we want to share. Good luck!

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