10 Steps to Run Google Ads for Real Estate

Google Ads for Real Estate Industry is one of the indispensable marketing tools today. So how to use Google Ads both effectively and cost-effectively? Let’s find out with Lokas through the article below!

Google Ads advertising plan for the real estate industry:

Customers often tend to search for information on the internet before making a purchase. And especially the real estate side. Even this trend is huge. Because the purchase value of real estate is very large. Therefore, customers need to find out enough information, very carefully to decide to buy real estate.

And currently the Google search network is the most used in Vietnam. So Google Ads advertising for the Real Estate industry is one of the methods to help you quickly bring real estate projects to customers.

Today, Lokas will help you plan and strategize Google Ads for the Real Estate industry.


Set up a website

Surely this is the first job that you need to do. Because only a website can you convey project information in the most accurate and effective way.

You might think, facebook can do this too. Yes, but when you post another post, the project you need to show your customers immediately falls behind. This makes it difficult to reach the right customers.

In addition, the website can organize and streamline project categories such as apartments. social housing land project. … Customers visit, which projects they are interested in can easily find.

On the website, besides you providing full project information, you can write a sharing article, experience creating stars to choose project A, the benefits of investing in project B. or share your experiences as papers. land purchase and sale. This helps your website increase professionalism and credibility in the eyes of customers.

Currently, there are many cheap website design units in Ho Chi Minh City. With only about 5 million, you can have a website for yourself, and if you invest more carefully and professionally, you can invest in a website up to more than ten million. If you still do not have a website, you can contact Lokas website design service. Commit to a beautiful, professional website.

Setting up a website is a must if you want to advertise Google Ads for the Real Estate industry

Conveying messages and project information

When you have a professional and complete website. Then the first thing is to convey project information in the most complete and accurate way. Usually Lokas often see project information including:

  • Project overview
  • Investor
  • Location
  • Value utility brought when investing
  • Selling price of documents and procedures
  • Project completion time
  • Contact Info.

Besides, you need to convey what is the value of that real estate project to customers?

It can be a profitable investment to get an apartment at a cheap price. Get the ground in the golden position. Or the project brings modern convenience. …

You must understand that, customers spend a large amount of money to buy a project, they need to know what value they receive? Their benefits when buying the project? When you have shown this to customers, the likelihood of a purchase is very high.


Define who the customer is?

Are you a person who understands which group your project belongs to? High-class apartments, land or resorts, apartments, social houses…

From this group you can clearly define who your customers are. What age, gender, and location do you belong to from which you can get effective marketing messages and implement Google Ads plans for the Real Estate industry?

Identify keywords to run ads

This is one of the key parts of a successful Google Ads campaign for the Real Estate industry. Many of you run your own real estate business and do not know how to analyze and filter keywords, this leads to too much cost with keywords that do not bring high conversions – ineffective. Even longtime runners still make this mistake.

Above Lokas has prompted the issue of customer identification and project information. It is this that directly affects your campaign. Put yourself in the position of the customer and when you want to find project information, what keywords will you type about the real estate project you are trying to run?

For those of you who run it yourself, this takes a lot of time, even money to come up with a standard set of keywords. As for those who have been running for a long time and have experience, it is simpler and faster to ask them to use keyword tools.

Share your experience in choosing keywords to run Google Ads ads for the Real Estate industry, divided into 4 groups:

Choose which keywords to advertise: there are 4 ways to choose popular keywords:

  • Direct and project
  • Keywords related to the project area
  • Segment related keywords
  • Keyword follow-up
Set up keywords to advertise Google Ads for Real Estate industry

Determine the budget

This is the question that many customers ask Lokas the most.

– How much money to run this project?

– How much does it cost to run this keyword? How many clicks?

– How much is the cost of running Google Ads for the Real Estate industry?

To answer this question, Lokas would like to ask you again is your wish “How many visits a day? How many customers”

Once you get the set of keywords + Google’s predicted bid + how much traffic you want = Reserve budget.

For example, you want to run keywords. Nhon Hoi New City project with an estimated bid of 10,000.

If you want to have 20 visitors a day, the minimum amount you need to specify is: 20×10,000 = 200,000₫ days.

So depending on your wishes, a reasonable budget will be given.

  • If you have a large budget: you will divide your ad groups to reach another audience group, to reach and drive their needs.
  • If you have a small budget: run long-tail keywords. When running long-tail keywords, the competition will not be high, but there will still be a number of people to reach. And you will have the opportunity to drive their purchase demand.

Determine the form of advertising

Almost over 90% of customers who call Lokas to ask for advice on running Google Ads ads for Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate industry want to run keyword ads. Running keywords related to real estate projects, customers searching on google see your ad and they click to find information. If it feels appropriate, they call, or else they get out. And you also know that Google Ads for the Real Estate industry is very competitive, with high bids. Besides, the rate of “breaking” (Virtual Click) is also high because there are many sales who run the same project and also advertise on google. And of course you lose money because of ads but not conversions.

When customers ask Lokas for advice, usually our side will run in 3 stages for you to easily imagine a plan to run real estate google ads effectively.

+ Display ads

When the investor launches a project, they will also advertise on the mass media channels so that many customers know about the project. And you too, most people still don’t know the existence of that project. Until your ad shows.

Lokas will briefly talk about the display advertising mechanism:

Display by keyword. You will show ads to people who have previously typed keywords related to real estate.

Displayed by placement. You will display ads on websites related to real estate or fixed pages such as 24h com vn, cafeland, cafef thongtinnhadat… Because these are the pages where customers are often interested in bds to find information and invest private.

When they visit the site to read news, learn about project information. At this point, an advertising banner will appear, introducing your project. If they have a need they will click to see. And when they click, you will have options to retain or continue to advertise to them in stage 3.

You can rest assured that the cost of this display is very cheap, not high. Many customers think that the price displayed on 24-hour newspapers or cafes will be high. No, rest assured, the bid above is also cheap. And you only lose money when customers click on the ad, not the display.

+ Keyword advertising

Here, when customers want to learn or have a need to buy a project, they go to google and type directly the project or project-related issues, your ad will display visitors.

This is a simple form of advertising, but it is not an easy thing.

When to advertise on google: You should follow the project owner’s advertising plan. Do not advertise too early, when the investor has not PR. This is very important if you advertise early, only sales will click to see each other’s information.

And when you have the keywords that I analyzed above, you just need to run after those keywords. During the run, you need to continuously optimize keywords. See which keywords many customers search, many convert, and delete redundant keywords. When optimizing like that, your bid will decrease, you save costs as efficiency increases.

+ Advertising remarketing- chasing

When you run display ads to convey project information, or advertise keywords to potential customers. Customers click on your website, but if they don’t buy, don’t call you, don’t sign up for a quote… and they cut out but never met.

So what do you need to plan for this? That is the implementation of remarketing advertising. Also known as remarketing ads.

Remarketing – what is remarketing? A form of advertising that allows you to show ads to people who have visited your website.

Here’s an example for you to understand. Minh has a need to buy land in Hoa Xuan, Da Nang. Minh went online to research and find information. I went to your website, I found the land price is good, the location is beautiful. At that time, my board called me to have an urgent business, or for some reason I could not call you. So I forgot about your website. And then I read the newspaper and saw a banner advertising the sale of Hoa Xuan land, your website. At that time, I decided that I had intended to buy land in Hoa Xuan, and had visited your website.

So Google retargeting ads are showing ads to people who have visited your website before, this helps to increase awareness and recall about your service or product. And increase the ability to sell more.

Tool to recognize phone numbers when visitors visit the website

This is the tool I often use for clients running real estate and auto ads. When customers visit your website, the tool will recognize the phone number and protect you. You just need to call to take care and close the customer.

Besides implementing a google advertising campaign for real estate projects, you should combine with other channels to improve the effectiveness of this campaign. Minh also introduced some effective exploitation channels in the field of bds.

Post classifieds on websites

This is the way that many sales use the most. Because the cost is not too high, but it is posted on major websites such as:,, chototvn,,…

The advantage of this form is complete information, intuitive images, especially the websites are large and reputable for customers to trust. Customers visit these sites. Looking for projects, areas, prices, you can see a lot of different real estate on the market.

Cons: The biggest downside here is the mutual competition between sales of the same project.

Posting too many overlapping stories can lead to your stories not being seen. If you want to show up at the top, buy VIP news and spend a lot of money.

Send email marketing

There will be 2 forms which are:

+ Email marketing advertising:

In the mail box contains advertising messages. This is how you reach out to new customers. Take a look at the two giants google and facebook using this mail advertising service. What about you?

+ Send email directly to customers:

When you have a list of email customers, you can use the tool to send bulk mail.


  • Send emails in bulk to thousands of customers in a short time without being sent to the spam box.
  • Check the number of emails that the recipient has opened to have the right approach.

This is not a new form, but many of you still have not applied this form to your real estate advertising campaign.

Cons: When you send mass mail, it may be spam, not the main mail. So you need a new tool to send bulk, but you have to pay. You can refer to 2 tools: mailchimp, sendy…

Facebook Ads

Currently, Facebook is the most used social network. So this is the place where you can reach potential customers through facebook advertising.


  • When you advertise on Facebook, you can target a specific audience in terms of gender, age, occupation, habits, hobbies, which is why you need to define the target audience for your project in your plan. Google Ads ads for the Real Estate industry that Lokas mentioned above.
  • Reach a large number of customers quickly, besides you can control the advertising time and budget.
  • Easily interact with customers
  • You can remarket to customers who have visited your website on facebook. However, this form is quite complicated, to do this, you need to be consulted by people with experience and expertise in running facebook ads.

In addition, take advantage of your personal Facebook as an information channel. Regularly posting real estate project information on personal pages or in real estate buying and selling groups to reach more customers.


Above are the experiences of planning to run Google Ads ads for the Real Estate industry. If you still have no experience or can’t run it yourself, you can refer to Lokas’ Google advertising service. If you have a need to run Google Ads ads for the Real Estate industry, you can contact us for free advice by leading experts in the field of Marketing.

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