Google advertising service in the education field increases business reputation

Google advertising service in the education field is currently a trend applied by many educational centers and institutions to optimize the process of reaching, enrolling and promoting the brand. So, using Google’s advertising service in the field of education, you need to capture what information to bring optimal efficiency for your business. Please find out through the article below of Lokas!

Types of advertising when using Google advertising services in the field of education:

In fact, Google has many forms of advertising, but if you use Google advertising services in the field of education, you need to note the following two types:

Google’s education advertising service by Google Display Network (GDN) is a very good marketing tool if educational institutions want to build a brand. Mechanism of re-marketing remarketing also has the ability to pursue students very convincingly. This is Google’s advertising system, helping businesses promote enrollment information on online newspapers such as tuoitre.vn, thanhnien.vn, yan.vn, zing.vn… The ability to target potential customers details that make the ad appear “accidentally but at the right time”.

Educational advertising using Google Display Network will be more effective when implemented in parallel with Google Adwords keyword ads. For example, students go to Google to search for data on the administrative and human resources industry. When you click on the ad, you will be taken directly to the recruitment website of the business. At this point, the re-marketing mechanism is activated, identifying this as a potential customer. And then no matter when students surf the website to read news, the advertising image of the educational institution will randomly follow everywhere, gradually it will ingrain into the user’s subconscious and push them out. enrollment decision.

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Google advertising service for education by Google Adwords: the recruitment website of the business will be displayed on the top of Google search if you choose to advertise with Google Adwords. Should choose keywords according to the name of the training industry, combine more niche keywords such as enrollment 2017, benchmark, floor score… If you want to increase the enrollment rate of students, set up more extended features for advertising such as: school map, pressing hotline, expanding affiliate links (for example, students looking for management majors, suggest more related fields such as accounting, marketing …)


Alternative forms of advertising for Google advertising services:

There will be other forms of advertising to replace the Google advertising service in the education sector. However, depending on the platform, the approach to customers and the approach is also different. You can refer to the following 2 forms to replace Google advertising services in the field of education:

Educational advertising by Youtube

Banner ads display on the Youtube video background that the user is watching (or currently in the corner). And TVC video ads are played before the Youtube video that the user wants to watch. Users can skip ads and businesses only have to pay if students watch 30 seconds or watch the entire promotional clip. However, this is the main branding marketing channel. If there is no big cost, the business should not advertise education by Youtube for the online enrollment communication plan.


Educational advertising by Mobile App

Although this is an effective marketing tool when targeting students who are frequent phone users, educational advertising by Mobile App is easy to waste budget due to poor quality clicks. The nature of the phone screen is touch screen, so sometimes users accidentally click on banner ads unintentionally.

Above is information about Google advertising services in the field of education. Hope the article will bring you useful information. Businesses that need advice on Marketing services should contact Lokas immediately for a free consultation!

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