Hotel Facebook advertising service helps to optimize costs effectively

Undeniably, the hotel Facebook advertising service brings great benefits to businesses. Facebook channel is a channel to reach potential customers and if you know how to exploit it effectively, this is a huge customer base for you to promote and reach quality customers.

Benefits of using Facebook advertising services for hotels:

Leveraging hotel Facebook advertising services to reach potential customers is a must in today’s business landscape. In the era of technology 4.0, social networks have become a means of spreading “coverage” all over the world. The development of the internet has led to changes in internet user behavior such as: searching for information from search engines, users tend to read articles and reviews of products and services, read reviews and comments. Comments and suggestions of customers who have experienced and used products and services from your hotel.

  • According to statistics in 2019, Vietnam’s population reached nearly 97 million people. In which the number of internet users is up to 64 million people.
  • Statistics of the Vietnam Tourism Association show that in the last 5 years, each month there are up to 5 million searches in Vietnamese about tourism products such as domestic tours, foreign tours, hotel bookings. , types of tourism… In the peak tourist months like summer, the number of searches can be up to 8 million times.
  • According to many tourism experts, up to 70% of tourists are self-sufficient, self-booking and paying directly with hotel owners. This trend forces hotels and travel companies to change their business forms.

Therefore, the use of hotel Facebook advertising services to promote hotels on the internet to promote the hotel to a wide audience of customers is inevitable. From there, building a prestigious and quality brand image, promoting bookings.

That is an opportunity for hoteliers to implement online advertising plans – Marketing Online to reach potential customers as quickly as possible.


Benefits of hotel Facebook advertising service:

Using the hotel Facebook advertising service brings benefits to both room owners and service users, namely:

Business benefits:

  • Promote and build the hotel brand widely and firmly.
  • Messages are communicated to customers faster and more economically than in the traditional way.
  • Increase room bookings
  • Old customer service
  • Receive quick feedback from customers

For service users:

  • Improve the experience and value achieved, easily find hotel information when there is a need to book a room. Get information about promotions, discounts, special events
  • Respond and send requests to the hotel quickly and simply
  • Save time to find the right rental.


Tips for using hotel Facebook ads effectively:

Attractive content:

According to research, we only have 3 seconds to impress the opposite person, and even when using the hotel Facebook advertising service, when customers surf the newsfeed on facebook, the image is what attracts them to stop. that post first. But in reality, few people have the patience to read through a long paragraph introducing your service, price or promotion like. And then the visual element will be a great weapon for you to make the most of it. When using the hotel Facebook advertising service, please pay close attention to this issue!

An image is always what attracts the viewer’s attention more than a long text full of text. Especially in the hotel service industry, where products are intangible, presenting services with images will stimulate and impress customers much more than when you describe them in writing. Therefore, when using the hotel Facebook advertising service, build advertising content that needs to ensure visual elements to be attractive, making visitors remember the hotel’s brand.


Bringing necessary and practical value

Content when using hotel Facebook advertising services is also extremely important. Content that needs to meet customer needs, provide useful, valuable content, and solve visitors’ problems will be well received by users than posts that are only intended to introduce products. common products and services.
Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel. Find out and highlight the difference of the hotel from the competition and integrate them into the ad appropriately.
Using the hotel Facebook advertising service, the hardest thing is the content, every word shown must affirm what you bring to visitors and how your products and services are different from the guests. other hotel.

Above is information about hotel Facebook advertising services and notes to have an effective Marketing strategy. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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