How does SMSbrandname benefit customers and businesses?

SMSBrandname messages are also known as brand messages. This is a very familiar marketing channel for businesses today through texting on mobile phones. Thereby, the brand name (eg HSBC, Samsung …) is displayed in the sender section instead of the usual personal phone number, this is a branding marketing method that brings many effects with high reliability. With a simple and concise message content of only 160 characters/message (you can send content up to 3 -5 messages depending on the carrier), SMSBrandname will help brands convey all the information they need to send. customers in the most concise and fastest way.


How many types of SMSBrandname?

There are 2 types of SMSBrandname messages: advertising SMSBrandname and customer care SMSBrandname. So what’s the difference between them?

Promotional SMSBrandname messages:

+ Content sent to customers contains promotional information about products, services, introduction of new products or projects, promotions for sale occasions, etc… and this type of message sent mass it is not personalized in content:

  • Brand communication with lucky codes on products to combine bonus spin minigames.
  • Brand communication, new product introduction.
  • Send discount coupons to arouse customers’ curiosity to learn about the product.
  • Please use the product/invite to download the app when launching a new product/service.
  • Promote upcoming big events and festivals with location and time information…
  • Flash sale promotions, Black Friday, holidays, Tet, …
  • Promote dining venues and restaurants directly to customers through multi-channels, maximizing brand awareness….

+ Promotion information cannot exceed 50% and must be contacted by address or hotline.

+ When sending promotional SMSBrandname messages, they will not be sent to the customer’s computer immediately, but must wait for the network operator to approve and avoid the rest time frames of the end user. Especially, if you want to send promotional messages on weekends or holidays, you must schedule them to send about 2-3 days in advance. Because the network operator only works from Monday – Friday every week and the time to receive and browse news from 8 am to 4 pm.

After 16:00, your message will have to wait until the next day to receive the message, only Mobi network receives messages until 16:30. Particularly the day before the holiday, most carriers only receive text messages to schedule appointments until 2pm. So if you plan to send messages on holidays and weekends, please plan and schedule early to avoid problems!


SMSBrandname messages for customer care:

Content contains personal information such as:

  • Send SMS OTP to verify information.
  • Text the winning code to accumulate points for gift exchange.
  • Notify monthly electricity and water bills, time to pay, notice electricity bills paid by customers.
  • Information from banks: Account fluctuations, customer account balances.
  • Send a letter of thanks and gratitude to longtime customers using services at the bank
  • Send login password.
  • Transaction confirmation, order confirmation, debt repayment schedule reminder, balance change notification.
  • Survey service quality / collect customer information.
  • Happy birthday, give a discount code
  • Update specials, promotions and discounts.
  • Update the location, time of the exhibition, event, meeting.

+ SMSBrandname content does not contain advertising keywords, if you send it wrong, you will be blocked at the network operator system and if you are intentionally wrong, you will be administratively fined up to 30 million / message

+ This is a personalized message, you can send a message to a customer once and the message will be downloaded immediately without waiting for the network operator to approve.

Benefits SMSBrandname brings to customers and businesses:

Business benefits:

  • Messages from a clear brand will stimulate customers to read carefully and remember the message longer, providing the best brand recognition.
  • Create trust and impression with the brand when using SMS Brandname, increase customer loyalty to the Enterprise.
  • The success rate of sending messages is up to 99.9%.
  • Rate of 99.9% of customers see the content after receiving the message.
  • Rate up to 98% of customers accessing the link in the customer care content.
  • Reach each specific customer group by age, gender, geographical location…
  • Save maximum time for businesses when messages are sent in bulk within minutes.
  • Directing customers’ attention to sales events or activities, helping to increase the number of buyers and increase sales.
  • Brands can check campaigns and extract real-time reports


Customer benefits:

  • Receive information about promotions and offers quickly without having to follow and search in other news sites
  • Brand messages give customers absolute peace of mind

Above is the information about SMSBrand hope this article will bring you useful information!

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