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How to always be full of ideas when writing?

Guide to writing SEO articles – You already have a website, and you want to build content for your website, seo standard articles and really good and creative content to bring your website to the top of the search results. However, after a while, the ideas for the article were very mysterious because the topic had many related articles. If you have that difficulty, you can refer to some of the following suggestions to get more ideas when writing articles .

Ways to help you stay full of ideas when writing articles

Lam The Nao De Luon Giau Y TuongHow to always be rich in ideas when writing articles

1. Write down what you come up with on paper

If in a moment of “ecstasy” you suddenly have an idea, quickly write it down on paper. No matter if the idea is good, foolish, crazy or crazy, the important thing you learn here is to get in the habit of using paper to draft ideas. Surely later, there will come a time when you can form a better and more complete idea from those scribbles on that paper.

2. Follow other blogs

There is no way to get you more writing ideas than to learn from the experiences of others, especially those with more experience than you. Try sifting through 10 to 15 blogs that interest you the most, then use Google Reader to track articles or another method where you can read all the new posts in your spare time.

From their writing, we can form an idea of ​​our own through the topic they write, or from contests. Then proceed to distill the content and write it for your readers, which is certainly very helpful. However, in your writing, you need to try to stand out from them if you don’t want to just make a shadow behind their back.

3. Read a lot of books

In any field, it is never too much to read a lot of books. Choose a few books that are relevant to your field and read a few pages a day, the daily news should also be of interest because it gives you a valuable amount of side knowledge that can be help you in writing or behavior.

Lam The Nao De Luon Giau Y Tuong 1Read a lot of books

In addition, if possible, occasionally read some of the articles of bloggers whose style you find very attractive, because in order for your article to be interesting and attractive, your style must be coherent. lost and highlighted.

4. Find out readers’ reading preferences

This is probably the best way to maintain a regular readership in your blog. Conduct exploration and analysis of the content that readers are interested in on your blog daily, then plan and find ideas for those content to serve them. The advantage of this way of idea generation is that it shortens the process of finding article ideas by knowing what topic you are going to write about instead of having to think about what topic I should write about now.

You should also use the analysis of the most viewed content and the most searched keywords to access your blog through the Google Analytics tool.

5. Re-analyze the written content

Never let the articles you have published go into oblivion. Plan to review some of the articles you’ve published every two or three months, especially some that have a lot of audience. What does this mean? The benefit of this in finding ideas is that it helps you to have more ideas to write more articles with content related to old articles, it will definitely be very useful when you have both ideas and ideas. add expanded content to those articles to help readers get more informed. And here are some suggestions when analyzing old articles:

Update content:  Replace old content with new content or cross out some information that is no longer valid.

Leverage comments:   Which posts do you get the most comments on? Analyze the comments or questions on those articles, maybe you will find a perfect writing idea from those comments.

Backlink Analysis:  Find out if anyone has already linked to your article in their own article, and see what they said about you in those articles. Chances are you will find an idea to write related articles from their article.

6. “Pick up” the ideas that don’t work

Surely we all have had many times to eliminate many ideas that you think are not feasible due to many objective and subjective factors such as disallowing conditions, long research time, few readers.. etc…And maybe you will come up with a more original idea from these failed ideas, remember that in order to remember the ideas that you have discarded, it is also a good idea to put them on paper as you come up with them. Apply method 1.

7. Update old content

The content on our blog will become outdated or not viable after a certain period of time. So it’s a good idea to regularly update old content to keep it fresh when your ideas are exhausted.

8. Get rid of the “unique” view

No matter what our idea is, what you need is to execute it as soon as you are ready. Don’t care who has applied it or succeeded with it because what you need to do now is to assert yourself with those “rivals”.

Try brainstorming some of the following questions if you want to break out your ideas with others:

Are their articles outdated? And what can I do now when I post a newer update than them?
Can you write a more detailed and in-depth article?

9. Outline ideas

Continue with method 1, when you come up with a lot of ideas and put it on paper, if you have time (even if it’s only a few minutes), plan to outline those ideas to make a complete article. . Don’t worry about it, you can perfect that draft later, the important thing is that you have a frame of writing while the ideas are abundant.

How To Stay Rich In IdeasBrainstorm ideas before writing

10. Seasonal topics, trends, and emerging issues

With this suggestion, it is only temporary because it only attracts attention for a short time. For example: 4 types of TVs priced under 12 million for Tet 2018, A certain place you must go in summer 2016?, 5 million VND vacation Comfort in Co To.

In addition, you can also update information and get ideas for writing articles in a few ways:

Search google:  There are smartphones, there are desktops…everything uses the internet so go up and type in the keywords or topics you’re thinking of, you’ll probably find topics are being discussed a lot on there or topics are being talked about a lot.

Ask your readers : A very useful way is to ask the people who read your articles, if you want them to come back and visit your website more, then take good care of them by answering their questions. them, read the comments below the article or can read the comments on the major websites to find new topics

Be a member of groups on social networks:  On those groups there are a lot of questions, try to find groups related to the topic that your website is aiming to rely on to write articles, view articles. Shared writing is a source of ideas that you should take advantage of

11. From life and work

Ideas are formed from experiences that you have achieved, not simply sitting and thinking for hours in front of the computer. Therefore, to always be rich in ideas, first of all, it is necessary to cultivate professional knowledge and experience for yourself.

12. Some sources for writing ideas

If you’ve applied some of the above suggestions and still haven’t found a suitable idea, the last and best way to find writing ideas is your own.

Yahoo! Answers & Google Q&A

Perhaps the best content development tactic is to write what more people need to read. If you don’t know how to find writing ideas to pursue this strategy, today’s famous online Q&A sites, there are two that we all know are Yahoo! Answers and Google Q&A. Here, you go to the question and answer areas with the same content on your blog, then aggregate members’ questions to create a dedicated tutorial article. And once you have a post, you can earn quality backlinks by replying to them with a link to the article you just posted.


Here you will not only find some of the questions asked by members to plan your writing, but also some valuable information from the discussions of the members here. Don’t miss out on such a valuable “resource”, regularly visit a few forums that you think are the best, don’t forget to join the discussion with them to promote your blog by the way. .

Social Bookmarking

In social networking sites that share links that regularly post some very good and useful articles, you can go there to find some “hot” information and bring it back to rewrite. In Vietnam, there is a very famous and prestigious site of this type, Linkhay


Alltop is a website that aggregates the most popular articles of the week and month on the biggest blogs in the world. It not only helps you to keep track of the filtered information, but also helps you to always be rich in writing ideas

What do you think about the suggestions above? If you have a suggestion that is different from the above suggestions, please comment below the article.

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