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How to convert analog PBX to IP PBX effectively

Currently, IP radio is not far away from many businesses. So how to convert a traditional PBX to an IP PBX effectively and economically? The following article will answer your questions.

What is total analog?

What is an analog signal? An analog signal is a continuous signal path (in the form of a sine cosine or any up-and-down curve) similar in nature but different in signal strength. In telecommunications, analog signals are electromagnetic waves. Thus, it can be understood that an analog switchboard, also known as a traditional switchboard, is a switchboard that works by converting voice signals into electronic waves of different frequencies and amplitudes. Wired connections from the carrier are directly connected to the customer, allowing the user to make calls over a traditional desk phone.

What is IP PBX?

An IP PBX, also known as an IP PBX – Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange is a private phone network that uses Internet protocols to make outbound phone calls, usually within a company or home. store, or hospital (According to Wikipedia). This is the branch of exchange of call switching information between VoIP over Internet protocol instead of conventional phone lines.

How to convert analog radio to IP PBX

Utilize Analog PBX as the main switchboard when switching to IP PBX

When converting to a new VoIP PBX, you can take advantage of the original Analog PBX’s PABX to save maximum costs. Using the original PABX will save you from having to reinstall the original utilities. At the same time, this approach also allows you to save maximum time in programming.

This solution will make it possible for you to link to many different branches. It creates a tightly structured transmission network for enterprise use. PABX switchboard will connect with service providers. Through different transmission lines through protocols E1/ T1/ J1, Bri, PSTN/ ISDN, etc. To continue using the old analog associated with other IP telephones.

Using Analog PABX as a branch switchboard for businesses when transferring IP PBX

The solution when upgrading an Analog PBX to a VoIP PBX is to use the previous PABX as a branch switchboard. If you do not want to use it as the main switchboard, using it as a branch switchboard is also a great choice to save maximum costs.

With this model, you will use IP PBX as the main switchboard to provide all transmission lines for branches including PABX. Through voice aways FXS you can transmit the signal to the PABX and let this device operate at its maximum efficiency.

Use cases of IP PBX as the main switchboard

A switchboard packed with hard equipment such as Siemens Hipath 3000/4000 to bring efficiency to business use. This is a common option found in businesses.

The switchboard is packaged as a PC server. This is pretty straightforward and easy to do. When businesses want to conduct PBX management, packaging in the form of a server will be much more convenient for checking.

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In addition, when using the IP PBX as a miniature PBX. It allows through the network connection lines to get the best connection.

The main IP PBX switchboards link with network providers to create an extremely strong network infrastructure system for businesses that need to use. Then, through analog PABX systems to connect Lan/Wan to analog phones. This will help you have the best control over the entire system.

Use VoIP services outsourced by VoIP providers

This is the solution that businesses can choose, outsourcing VoIP services will help businesses handle maximum bandwidth. This will help you to convert your voice to Analog. The cost for this method is cheaper than other systems.

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Normally, you will only have to pay 2 months in advance for internet & voice charges with international long distance service charges. If calculated, this fee is much more favorable than other supply systems. However, the PABX connection configuration of the switchboard is often quite picky about business line information. Therefore, when choosing information providers, you should choose PABX with high compatibility.


The multi-branch connection also depends on the systems with the same supplier to have the highest compatibility. Currently, the handshake between suppliers is quite limited. If businesses want to expand the branch network system, it must be provided by the ADSL provider itself to the branches at the same time.


However, a minus point when using outsourced services is that the investment process costs quite a lot. It requires businesses to prepare carefully before proceeding. In addition, it is difficult to separate from other IP systems.


Thus, at present, IP radio is the leading solution that businesses choose in the development of businesses. Upgrading will help companies and enterprises’ switchboard systems grow stronger and better.

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