How to run ads on facebook anytime, anywhere without a laptop

Just started running ads on facebook and want to track ad campaigns anywhere? Pocket how to run facebook ads on your phone so you can be proactive when and where to check facebook ads!

Steps to run ads on Facebook by phone:

1. Download the Facebook ad manager software to your phone

To run ads on Facebook first you need to download the Facebook ad management application to your phone. And to start implementing Facebook ads by accessing the app store on mobile devices. Then go to the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.


2. Start creating a Facebook ad campaign with your phone

Let’s start creating ads on facebook with these steps:

Payment methods section for Facebook ads

+ The  ways to run Facebook ads by phone  or computer all need to pay attention to the payment method.

+ Please choose Visa / Master card or momo card depending on your usage needs.


Set advertising goals:

+ You choose the Facebook ad targeting section by phone to match the campaign’s goals. Usually when selling on fanpage, the goal of “message” is applied to a very popular and effective sales strategy.

+ Next, you need to choose the right image for your product and service to make ads on Facebook.

At the Facebook Ads section 

Please edit the content of the ad template such as: Destination of the message (can choose messenger or choose whatsapp business.)

+ About the title: please enter the title so that it is attractive and attractive to call to action from customers.

+ About the main content: please briefly describe the product to be advertised. For mobile phones, when you advertise on Facebook, you can add icons or images just like you would on a computer.

+ At the section showing ads to customers, edit the customer audience that is suitable for your business’ products and services to display ads.

+ At the position of advertising: Please choose a sales location to easily reach customers.

+ In the age section: Please select the appropriate customer age group. The more detailed you target customers, the fewer people you will reach and the higher the cost to advertise.

+ About gender: Ads will have 3 options for gender that are all, male or female. If your product or service is suitable for both men and women, select “All”.


Detailed targeting: 

+ Currently Facebook ads can well optimize the content of the article and convey that content to customers. Therefore, you will not need to spend much time in this section, but can completely leave it blank if you want a broader advertising target.

+ In the advanced options: You can enter the appropriate language for your campaign. Depending on the advertising needs of the business and the advertising object, you can choose any language accordingly.

+ Determine the position of the ad:

  • Placements can appear in the news feed, in the right column of Facebook, or just below the video.
  • The ad placement needs to be appropriate based on the advertising objective.

The ad campaign budget and schedule creation section

+ Campaign budget: You can choose from the following two types of advertising campaigns:

+ Daily budget

+ For a lifetime budget

+ Facebook ad running schedule: Choose the number of days to run as you like.

+ Distribution: Choose “Automatic” to optimize the most cost-effective way for advertising

+ Payment method section: there are payment methods such as Visa / Mastercard, momo card, …

+ Complete and wait for the ad approval system

Complete the process and wait for the system to approve the ad

+ In order for the facebook system to approve the ad, you need to click “Place Order”. If the ad does not violate the policy, it will be approved by the system.

+ You will receive a notification from the system after “Order”. Typically, ads are approved within 24 hours or so.

Above is a guide on how to run ads on facebook by phone very simple for people who are mobile. Hope the article will bring you useful information.

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