If you have designed a sales website, don’t forget this

The designed a sales website is one of the factors that help increase the rate of customers deciding to order. A website with a suitable and attractive layout will keep customers visiting your store from which customers will find the right product to buy. So how important is a sales website? Please refer to the article below!

About designed a sales website :

Sales website design service is creating a Web site that allows businesses and customers to conduct business and purchase products/services online. Specifically, when accessing these Websites, you can view product information, search for products to buy, order and pay quickly.

It can be seen that the sales website design is gradually replacing retail stores and sales staff. Not affected by geographical location or time of day or night. You can shop whatever you want anywhere with just a few mouse clicks. In particular, online shopping is becoming more and more familiar to today’s life. It becomes indispensable for each business to design its own online sales website .


Features required when designing a sales website:

When designing a sales website that you want to put into operation, you must ensure that your website has been fully integrated with the following features:

  • Product Management
  • Online Payment
  • Manage shopping cart
  • Order Management
  • Buy quickly
  • Statistical access
  • Website optimization features standard SEO
  • Shop Decentralization
  • Search feature


Designing a sales website to pay attention to what?

Design a simple but impressive sales website

You must keep in mind that the ultimate goal of designing a sales website is to attract buyers and sellers. Therefore, you need to carefully capture the psychology of customers to keep them on your website.

Today the tastes of customers are simplified every day. They increasingly tend to give preference to websites that have a close interface but are arranged in a clear and attractive layout. You also have to pay attention to the color of the website to match the field in which you are doing business. Let your customers only need to browse once to locate or easily find the products they are interested in.

Online payment support:

This is something you need to think about when starting to design an online sales website. An online sales website must have an online payment feature. For many customers, they have a habit of paying online immediately to own the item right away. Without this feature, customers will find it difficult to make a purchase.


Ensure page loading speed

Customers will not be patient enough to wait for your website to load slowly. So you have to find ways to optimize your entire website for optimal page loading speed.

Pay attention to website navigation

You need to make sure that the customer can move any category he wants: back to previous product, view more similar products, view products at the intended price, return to the homepage, … All links on your website should be guaranteed to be clickable if you don’t want your customers to feel uncomfortable with constantly encountering dead links. In addition, if done well, both of the above will ensure not to interfere with search engine robots.

The website needs to have product filters, price levels or brands, etc. to create convenience for customers in the process of finding products according to their needs quickly.

Connect with social networking sites

In the current online shopping era, if you miss the social networking business niche, you are missing out on a huge number of potential customers. Know how to take advantage of social networks to increase the number of website visitors and achieve website optimization standards for SEO.

These are the things you must have if you want to design a professional sales website. Hope this article will bring you useful information.

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