If you want to use the Receive SMS service, don’t miss the following websites and software

Receive SMS  is one of the services that provide virtual numbers used by many people today. So how does Receive SMS work? And which software to use effectively? To answer these questions, invite you and Lokas to see the sharing below!

What is Receive SMS Online?

Receive SMS online is a service that specializes in providing virtual phone numbers to be able to receive messages from any number in the world. Depending on the carrier, they will provide phone numbers for countries.

The phone numbers of countries are often used to provide this service such as the United States, Canada, European countries, Asia, etc. But in which the United States and Canada are the most.

Most of the Receive SMS online sites are usually free, but there are a few sites that require a fee to create unique virtual phone numbers for those who sign up.


Some sites Receive SMS online for free

This Receive SMS page only provides 2 countries, the US and Canada, but they provide a lot of numbers. In addition, they also limit SPAM to the maximum by using Cloudflare in combination with the email login feature.

Thanks to that, it is difficult for sites like Google or Facebook to scan data and ban a series of virtual phone numbers. Because of that, if you want to use this site, you need to enter your Email and press Enter, wait for the site to send the link to the mail and click on the link to log in.


This Receive SMS page was also born in 2017 and only provides 3 phone numbers of 3 countries respectively: USA, UK and Canada. But the interface is very modern and easy to use.

This site can also receive SMS online, also has many of those numbers, but the risk is quite high when not using the SSL security protocol, and the interface is also bad :v, so if you run out of ways, then choose this site Use-as-your-own-risk (Use-as-your-own-risk)

This Receive SMS was opened around 2016 but there are a lot of phone numbers you can take advantage of there.

In addition, the page also provides notifications when there are new numbers, remember to turn on notifications on that page so that when a new phone number comes out, you become the first to know and use it. And especially, this site provides Vietnamese phone numbers, in addition, it also has many other countries such as the United States, Canada, England, Belgium, France, Poland, …


This is a Receive SMS page born quite late around 2018 but it provides a lot of phone numbers for users for completely free verification purposes.

Besides, the author of the page also provides a virtual sim service dedicated to each person for $ 6/month, if you have a need, you can refer to it.

The country phone numbers that this site provides are: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, CZech, Poland, Hong Kong, etc.

This page, I find it quite popular because most of the tricks on Youtube often use this site to receive SMS mainly, and they provide a lot of numbers in countries like the US, Canada, European countries, India India, Bangladesh,…

This site also has Receive SMS online, but the web interface is not user-friendly. And the phone number this site provides only has 4 numbers, respectively: 2 numbers in the US, 1 in the UK and the rest is Belgium.

This page has been around since 2014, but the phone numbers here you can still use, there are only 2 UK phone numbers and 5 US phone numbers here.

This site also provides the service of receiving SMS online, but especially here the language of the site is Russian and only provides the phone number of the Russian Federation, so when you need to use the Russian number, just go to this page!

Through the article, I have shared with you the top free Receive SMS online websites, if you know any more, please comment so that we can contribute more for everyone to use!

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