Important Facebook Ads metrics you should know to calculate costs

Facebook Ads metrics are also known as Facebook advertising metrics. Facebook Ads metrics are specific numbers that help you capture the results of reaching customers of your marketing plan. Only when you understand these metrics can you make adjustments to optimize the effectiveness of your ads.

What are the benefits of knowing the Facebook Ads metrics?

Whether a promotion campaign really brings good results or not, it takes a while to develop the necessary indicators. Usually about the first 3 days of the campaign, the new Facebook Ads metrics are stable and relatively accurate. When you dig carefully, you will know if the ad is correctly targeting potential customers, what needs to be adjusted in demographics or bid prices to optimize costs more. Therefore, always closely monitoring the results of the operation, it will reduce the risks and improve the performance.


Facebook Ads metrics you don’t need to pay too much attention to

In the Facebook ads manager, Facebook Ads metrics will be displayed, they include important and non-important metrics. If you do not analyze clearly and keep focusing on improving the secondary indicators, it will both waste time and effort and not bring the desired results. So what are the Facebook Ads metrics that you should not focus too much on?


These are the Facebook Ads metrics that show the number of customers who saw your ad post at least once. The conversion rate of the metric is relatively low, customers can glance at it, but not convert to a follow or purchase action. If you only care about reach, you can pay a lot of money but the revenue you bring is not worth it.


Likes (likes)

For a long time, marketers did not pay too much attention to the number of likes and shares because there were also virtual interactions. For an advertising campaign, surveying customers’ preferences for products, this high index will represent positive results. But if your promotion program is done with the plan to sell, bring in revenue and profit, the number of likes and shares doesn’t mean anything.

Clicks (Clicks)

Clicks here are counted as the total number of people who have clicked on the word “See more” on the advertising post, which will include those who clicked just to see the entire article, but not on the link to the website. your landing page. Facebook combined will confuse advertisers, not calculating the effective rate of action conversion.

Video views (Video views)

This is really one of the Facebook Ads metrics that don’t matter because it only takes a video that plays over 3 seconds to count as a view. If your promotional video plays automatically in news feeds, this metric doesn’t help you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

How to read Facebook Ads metrics properly:

When you use the Vietnamese Business Manager interface, it will be easier to understand the Facebook Ads metrics than using the English BM. But it’s best to try to memorize its English terms.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

First you need to see the percentage of customers who click on your ad. If this metric is high, it means that your promotional content is attractive.

In case of low CTR, 1 is unattractive content, 2 is that the content is not targeting the right customer group.

Formula:  CTR = (Total Ad Clicks / Total Ad Impressions)x100%

Cost Per Mile (CPM)

CPM is the cost per 1000 impressions.

If this Facebook Ads metric is high, you will understand the following:

  • It is possible that the group of customers you are targeting has too many advertisers in the same direction, causing the bids to be inflated.
  • 2 is targeting the wrong target customer group.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC is cost per ad click, these Facebook Ads metrics help you understand how engaging your ad is and how it is performing relative to your total budget.

In general, if CTR increases, CPC will decrease. (The higher the ad click-through rate, the lower the cost-per-click).

Calculation formula:  CPC = (amount spent / ad clicks).


This is an impression metric that will help you understand the level of awareness of your brand with customers.

You know how many potential customers your brand/product/service has reached.

Conversion Rate (CR)

For those of you who run sales ads, you are interested in these Facebook Ads metrics. This is a metric that tells you your lead-to-purchase conversion rate.

Calculation formula:  Total number of purchases / Total number of clicks.

If the CTR is high, the click-through rate is high but the CR is low. Your ad content is attractive, but why won’t customers buy? You should review your CTA, i.e. Call to action.

Not only care about CTA, but you also need to care whether your ad content is in the form of a goat to sell meat or not.

Above is information about Facebook Ads metrics that Lokas wants to share with you. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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