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Important virtual PBX term you need to know

PBX, especially virtual PBX is a trend that many businesses want to deploy. Sometimes the virtual PBX term can make customers a bit “confused”. Therefore, we will go to troubleshoot this problem in the following article! Get started now!

1. What is a virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX possesses the basic features of a traditional switchboard with internal and external calls all on one subscriber line. Create an internal calling network, helping to save call costs for businesses. Besides, the Virtual PBX develops some more outstanding features and advantages. Helps to save costs, is convenient to use, simplifies the operation process, etc.

Virtual PBX today has become a solution that many businesses are looking for due to the characteristics of this type of service.

2. Virtual PBX terms

Just a quick look at the concept of a virtual switchboard, now back to the main part of the article. Watch to see the magic of these terms!

Inbound and Outbound

Inbound are calls from customers to the business’s switchboard. Inbound call center department is the department that receives calls from customers. The goal is to advise, answer and support customers about products and services of the business. Some businesses also take advantage of this position to cross-sell products and services.

The Most Valuable Loss In The Tong Dai Ao Inbound and Outbound

In contrast, Outbound is the call originating from the switchboard connecting to the customer. The outbound call center department is the department that actively contacts the target customers. Purpose to implement telemarketing campaigns, telesales of products and services of enterprises. Some platforms have an autocall section that makes it 3 times more efficient than traditional calling.


This stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is known as a software capable of storing, integrating and synchronizing customer data, which can be mentioned as: basic information, history of interactions across channels, customer classification… Call centers Virtually now has a combination of CRM to help businesses enhance their business services.

The Most Valuable Loss Of Ao Dai Ao 1 CRM

Agent, CSR

We are often used to Agents as agents, right? However in switchboard it means operator. Or to put it simply, the employee answered the phone. CSR stands for Customer Service Representatives, this is also referring to the operator.


IVR – Interactive Voice Response or automatic voice interaction. A dialog is configured so that when a customer calls, it will sound. For example, when calling a business’s switchboard, there will often be a greeting and instructions to press the number key.

The Most Valuable Loss Of The Totem In Tong Dai Ao 2 IVR


This is how to call an extension in the PBX system. A switchboard often has many extensions, assigned to a group of agents according to each skill and profession to increase efficiency in answering customers.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a technology to transmit human voice over a computer network using the TCP/IP protocol suite. It uses IP datagrams with the transmitted information being encoded as the audio.

The Most Valuable Loss Of Ao Dai 3 VoIP


ACS stands for Automated Call System/Service. Some people often call it by another name, Auto Call. This is an automated calling solution that allows you to call hundreds of customers at once and at the same time. Calls are pre-recorded, helping to save maximum resources for businesses.


This is a feature that displays customer information when there is an outgoing or incoming call. Usually, this feature will be most evident when there is CRM integration or 3rd party software.


Voicemail System or voicemail system is basically a modern version of an answering machine. It helps to replay the message to the caller in case it is not ready. Furthermore, the caller has the option to leave a message or request a callback. This is a great tool to make customer service smoother.


This is the call queue on the switchboard. Calls pouring into the switchboard can go to different numbers depending on the business settings. For example, according to the communication needs of customers through branches such as ordering, technical support, information consulting, etc., the branches mentioned above are called queues.


PBX – Private Branch Exchange is an internal PBX system, helping departments and employees inside the company to call each other completely free of charge. It can be said that this feature in a virtual PBX is a great solution for businesses to save on telecommunications costs.

The Most Valuable Loss In The Tong Dai Ao 4 PBX

Telemarketing and Telesales

Telemarketing is a combination of the words  “Telephone” and “marketing” , which means marketing and advertising over the phone. Telesale is a combination of “Telephone” and “Sale”, which means selling over the phone. It can be said that these are also two types that must use PBX, especially virtual PBX for the best performance.


ACD – Automatic Call Distribution , this is an automatic call allocation system. Calls to the switchboard will be distributed to the operator according to the pre-configured scenario.

3. Conclusion

Above are important terms that we want to share. Good luck!

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