In which case should run facebook message ads to be highly effective?

Facebook message ads is the direction of many people on this Facebook platform. You want to run message ads but don’t know how to make message ads effective? How to close the order when the customer has messaged before via Fanpage? Do not worried! Lokas will help you optimize Facebook message ads  for high efficiency.

When to use Facebook message ads?

Facebook message advertising is also known as messenger advertising. With the way of running message ads, customers will see your ad in the Messenger section when using it to chat. When you use this type of advertising, customers will actively message you more. And you already know that when customers text you, the closing rate will also be higher.


Besides running facebook message ads to new customers, you can also run ads to customers who have messaged for Fanpage before.

If you are launching a new product or have a promotion, running message ads is the option that needs to be prioritized.

Why promote Facebook messages?

Facebook message ads are currently very popular and are applied by many advertisers in advertising campaigns. See why this form of advertising is so popular?

Reach customers directly


One of the biggest advantages of this type of Facebook message advertising is that you can reach customers directly through Messenger messages. According to tests, customers who send text messages are more likely to buy. Customers often leave a comment or send us a direct message for advice. Right now, as long as customers have needs and message us, your ability to close orders has been significantly increased, right?

Do not forget customers

One of the mistakes shop owners are afraid to make is when they keep customers waiting for too long without getting a response. Customers often don’t have the patience, especially in this highly competitive market. And the worst case scenario doesn’t just stop at the shop losing a customer, but it can be worse, the reputation is severely reduced on social networks.


When running a Facebook message ad campaign, you can create autoresponder message templates to interact with customers in the fastest way. These messages will help customers meet their needs and we will also be easier to advise and improve the closing rate.

Facebook optimizes ads according to customer behavior

The first problem is cost optimization. The cost for a click is quite cheap, ranging from 4000 VND – 7000 VND. If you can only spend this amount of money and attract a very potential customer, then the price is very good. Large units often run ads with huge amounts of money, up to hundreds of millions, and the return will usually be x10 – x15 with the amount of money they spent to run.


Second, Facebook always knows what their users want, what to search for or watch videos, chat with. It is for this reason that most stores have begun to gradually switch to this form  of Facebook message advertising , which is really effective.

Finally, it is the attraction of indirect interactions to your Fanpage, from which your brand gradually has stronger and stronger coverage. However, this is only a small benefit, not a complete one.


The above article Lokas introduced information about running Facebook message ads or running messenger ads in the most detail. Hope the article will help you to create an effective advertising campaign. To read more articles about Facebook advertising, you can refer to Lokas’ Facebook ads section. Good luck !

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