Instructions for using Google Adplanner and its benefits

Google Adplanner  is one of the tools used to research keywords, this is an extremely powerful assistant that will greatly assist in writing articles for advertising, it helps you research keywords that are searched by many users. help you decide on a more reasonable SEO and Google advertising strategy.

What is Google Adplanner?

Google Adplanner , also known as Google Keyword Planner (often abbreviated as GKP), is one of the free tools provided by Google. This tool is often used mainly for running Google Adwords ads. You can simply understand it as a keyword planner. This is considered a centralized version of the Google Keyword tool (Google Keyword) and the AdWords Traffic Estimator Tools (AdWords Traffic Estimator Tools).

Based on Google Adplanner, businesses can check the average number of searches of keywords within a month of a certain keyword worldwide or a specific country. difficulty, competition of that keyword. Based on the suggestions of Google Adplanner, you can determine the appropriate cost to spend for each advertising campaign or choose lost quality keywords for the service or product that your business is doing. .


Benefits of Google Adplanner:

Google Adplanner is an invaluable tool with many utilities used to support PPC (Pay Per Click) promotional campaigns. One of the outstanding points of GKP compared to other tools is the ability to optimize keywords well for paid advertising campaigns. Specifically:

  • Choose a keyword approach for promotional campaigns.
  • Choose a keyword or a group of keywords to add to the ad campaign.
  • Estimated total budget for a particular advertising campaign.
  • Download keyword analysis data to your device.

Besides, Google Adplanner also has the ability to combine keywords together to generate new keywords, thereby increasing search efficiency. This is one of the new innovations of Google Adplanner compared to other current tools. If you have clusters of individual keywords, you can use the GKP to link them together. Thereby, Google Adplanner can provide a lot of predictive information about keyword performance to users.


How to use Google Keyword Planner effectively

When using Google Adplanner you have two options to get started. Specifically:

Find keywords: With this option, you can choose keywords that are likely to reach customers who are interested in the products or services your business is selling. This usually starts with researching and finding new keyword ideas.

As directed by Google, simply enter a word or URL related to the business. Then you will find some suggested keywords. For each suggested keyword, you will be updated with information about average search volume/month, competition, top of page bid (low range), top of page bid (high range).

Get search volume and forecasts: In this option, you’ll find search volume and other metrics for your keyword, and forecast the company’s performance. those keywords in the near future.

You just need to copy and paste the keyword into the box and click “Get started”. At this point, you can check relevant metrics such as website clicks, desired results if you decide to run ads within the next 30 days, estimated costs, etc.


Google Adplanner is a versatile tool that is highly effective in marketing. In addition, Google Adplanner has a lot of other detailed information. So, if you want to use this tool to serve your advertising campaign well, you should learn more details.

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