Instructions on how to run Facebook ads extremely simple for Newbie

Run Facebook Ads, also known as Facebook Ads. This is a service provided by the social network Facebook. This service helps to display products, offers or promotions to potential customer groups on Facebook and Facebook-affiliated social networks. This is a paid advertising service of this social networking site.

How will the fee that a business pays to Facebook be calculated? Every click on an ad, on a website, on a page like, or on an interaction in a post will be charged by Facebook. Depending on the price the business bids for its facebook ad campaign, the higher the bid, the greater the likelihood of that ad appearing.

Benefits of running facebook ads?

  • Running facebook ads brings high efficiency: Facebook is considered the leading online advertising channel in the world. This is also the most effective advertising channel to connect with customers.
  • Build simple advertising campaigns and give fast results: Only when customers click on your ads will you pay. The cost per click is only about 10 cents to start.
  • Reach out to a huge number of potential customers: The social network Facebook has influenced the shopping of many people. Facebook is really the perfect communication channel to promote your products and services to a large number of potential customers.
  • Run highly customizable facebook ads: Running facebook ads is not only easy to use, but also gives you a lot of interesting experiences. You have many options when it comes to running ads here. Such as customizing videos, content, images, events, etc.
  • Facebook Ads is constantly adding new features: One of the reasons Facebook is used by so many people is that it regularly adds new features. So both advertisers and Facebook users always experience something interesting.


Instructions for running effective Facebook ads for newbies:

You are just starting a business and want to run facebook ads yourself to save money? Let’s read with Lokas the instructions for running facebook ads below to be able to market yourself!

Step 1: Create an ad campaign

There are 2 ways to run a campaign to run facebook ads: you can run facebook ads directly on posts on the fanpage or visit to create a campaign.

Note: you need to add a payment card before starting the campaign!

Method 1: To create a campaign to run facebook ads for a post on FB, you just need to click on the button “Promote Post” at the bottom of the post. If it’s an event ad, click the “Promo event” button.

Method 2: Alternatively, to create an advertising campaign, you can go to You can create an ad for a new or existing post using the “Create Ad” button on the menu bar.

You can manage your ads at “Ads Manager”. Depending on the purpose of running your ad, you will select “Campaign objective” and give your campaign a name. Then click “Continue”.

Depending on your needs to run a group test or choose to optimize your campaign, you will choose the appropriate form.

If you choose to optimize your campaign budget, you’ll add a daily spend limit for that campaign.


Step 2: Choose the target audience for the ad

First you need to give the ad group a name. Then change the information appropriate to your target audience such as: Gender, age, location, language, interests, behavior, …

This step greatly affects the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Therefore, the more detailed the target audience is, the higher the conversion rate. Moreover, it saves the cost of running Facebook Ads.

Step 3: Choose an ad placement

You need to choose an ad placement. You can select “Automatic placements”. Facebook will let the ad show in the most appropriate position.

If you choose “Edit placements” you will be able to customize the desired placement. For example, choose to display ads in “Device Type”, on “Platform”.

Facebook will have a demo. So you get an idea of ​​where and how your ad appears. From there, you can choose the right location.

Step 4: Set your budget 

You can choose between “daily budget” or “lifetime budget”. Facebook will balance the average spend according to the budget you set up.

For example, your daily budget is 100,000 VND, today you can spend 120,000 VND, tomorrow it may only be 80,000 VND. But the average per day is 100,000 VND.

After setting your budget, you need to set up your ad schedule: start and end dates. After completing all the above steps, click the “Continue” button.


Step 5: Preview the look of the ad when it appears on Facebook

This step helps you see how your ad will show across devices. To select the page you want to advertise, you choose in the menu “Facebook Page”. To create a new ad page, click “Create New Ad” on the menu.

Here you can write ad content, upload photos, videos, add CTA buttons, etc. After completing all the steps, if you don’t need to change anything, click the “Post” button.

After completing all the steps, you just need to wait for FB to confirm. Normally, within 24 hours, FB will report a successful confirmation and your Facebook ad will automatically run.

If you feel that the campaign is not giving the desired effect, you can turn off or delete Facebook ads.

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Above is the experience of running Facebook ads for those who want to do this campaign themselves.

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