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Internet factors affect the call quality of the system

Currently, the method of making calls on the internet platform (VOIP calls) is a trend in building a PBX system. Many businesses have switched to using VOIP PBX because of the benefits that this method brings such as high flexibility, ability to integrate, easy control and management, etc.

And with VOIP PBX, call quality is one of the issues businesses need to really care about. The following article will give you details about the factors that affect the call quality of a VOIP switchboard.

Internet factors affecting call quality

1. Select hardware calling device

Hardware calling device is also one of the important factors to make the call go more smoothly. If you choose poor quality equipment, the call is very easy to crack, mixed with noise, or the voice is not clear, does not filter noise, etc., making customers feel uncomfortable.

Love To The Internet Anh Huong Den Chat Luong Cuoc Goi Hardware device selection

However, the best option is not necessarily equipped with expensive equipment. Because if they are not compatible with the system, it is also very susceptible to noise errors. The best way is to consult the switchboard service provider to choose the right device that fits the switchboard for the best call quality.

2. Bandwidth of internet connection

To be able to build a complete VOIP PBX, internet speed and bandwidth are the first important factors that determine the call quality of the switchboard. The greater the speed and bandwidth, the better the call quality. The minimum bandwidth to make calls is 1 Mbps/device, this requirement will increase depending on the number of devices and usage of each device in the office. If the measured rate divided by the number of access devices (usually an employee has at least 2 devices – mobile and computer) is less than 2 Mbps, call quality will decrease.

Love To The Internet Anh Huong Den Chat Luong Cuoc 1 Internet bandwidth

Internet speed of network providers in Vietnam is currently being improved. However, at some peak times or holidays, the internet speed and bandwidth may be unstable. When you see a poor signal, you can quickly check the connection speed with and contact your internet provider when you see that the speed is not up to the commitment.

3. Distance and characteristics of wifi

The larger the distance between the device used and the wifi transmitter, the weaker the signal will be. Another important thing is, wifi wave has the following weaknesses: wifi is in a waveform so its stability is easily affected by obstacles, for example when passing through walls, wifi signal will be weakened Go; Wifi signal may be interfered by the influence from surrounding wifi networks. Therefore, when using wifi, you should choose a stable location and use the best wifi network, avoiding obstacles.

4. Router to broadcast wifi

The load capacity of the wifi transmitter also plays an important role and affects the quality of calls on the internet. Although the internet speed is 50 Mbps and there are 20 devices, but the load capacity of the wifi transmitter only stops at 15 devices, the quality of wifi and calls is not guaranteed. In addition, poor quality wifi transmitters will often emit a weak signal. Therefore, when investing in a wifi router, you should pay attention to the load capacity of the device.

Love To The Internet Anh Huong Den Chat Luong Cuoc Goi 2 Wifi Router

In fact, the call quality and stability of the VOIP PBX not only depends on the Internet speed, the wifi transmitter, but also depends on a few other factors such as the transmission line of the network provider providing the first number. or calling device and headset.


Above is all the information about internet factors affecting call quality that we want to share. Good luck!

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