Learn about AudienceNetwork and the usage policies you should know

With AudienceNetwork , you can expand your marketing plan to reach more people using high-quality apps. According to Facebook ad campaign research, conversion rates are eight times higher for people who see ads on both Facebook, Instagram, and AudienceNetwork than those who only see ads on Facebook.

What does AudienceNetwork do?

Ads on AudienceNetwork use the same targeting, bidding, delivery and measurement systems as Facebook ads.


What are the benefits of AudienceNetwork?

AudienceNetwork has its own advertising policies and benefits for each customer group: app developers, advertisers and users.

For app developers

  • Different from Google Adsense, it allows publishers to advertise on any electronic device (computer, tablet, mobile). AudienceNetwork only allows publishers to advertise on mobile devices.
  • Increase revenue and profits with ads installed on content and syndicated platforms.
  • The ability to select ads or ad categories for each specific application to match the evaluation objectives.
  • Use statistics and advertising management systems by checking the number of clicks and impressions in a specific time frame.


For Businesses

  • Expand your reach to potential customers.
  • AudienceNetwork ad interactions take users directly to the destination the business wants, by clicking a banner on the app.
  • Increase purchase rate as well as revenue.

For users

  • The function “limit ad followers” ​​can be enabled on iOS or “opt out of ads” on Android.
  • AudienceNetwork does not disclose your information to other Developers.


How to create display ads on AudienceNetwork

With Facebook AudienceNetwork, you can expand your brand exposure to reach potential customers on Facebook partner websites and apps. Before you get started with AudienceNetwork, you need to understand the issues that directly affect ad engagement and results.

Below are the objectives you can choose AudienceNetwork as your placement:

  • Product and brand awareness (video only)
  • Number of customers reached (video only)
  • Traffic
  • Engagements (video only)
  • App installs
  • Video views (video only)
  • Convert
  • Sales by category

You can use completely different types of ad formats. And now AudienceNetwork has 3 ad formats equivalent to placements on the app interface:

  • Native, Banner, Interstitial
  • Facebook Audience Network in-stream videos (In-stream videos)
  • Rewarded videos on Facebook Audience Network (Rewarded videos)

Audience Network supports image, video and carousel ads. Note that if the target is different, the ad placement and content are also different.

In order for ads to appear on Audience Network, you still have to set up normally on Facebook Ads Manager, go to placements at the Ad Group level, then select Automatic Placements (default). You can also choose Audience Network as a standalone placement when using in-stream video.

How to sign up for Audience Network

App developers or web-based content producers can apply to be a Facebook AudienceNetwork partner with Facebook through the Facebook Monetization Manager. However, you should follow Facebook’s image proportions to ensure the user’s attention and get the best results.

Steps to register for Audience Network:

  • Create a new account or sign in to an existing Business Manager.
  • Submit application for quick review.
  • Add the AudienceNetwork code to the app and set up display locations according to the instructions.
  • Get monthly remuneration straight to your checking account.

Above is information about Audience Network. Hope the article will bring you useful information for your business’ customer outreach campaign!

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