Learn about GDN advertising – google display network advertising for newbies

GDN advertising  is gradually developing  an  important and  indispensable part of  every business. Google is not  only  a simple search engine  , but also  a means  to help  businesses promote  online and attract  customers. Besides Google Adwords, Google Display Network also helps  to expand the advertising  scope  of super  good businesses So why  should  businesses  use  advertising ?   on the Google display network (GDN)? How GDN works for efficiency.

GDN Advertising What is Google Display Network?

GDN (Google Display Network) ads are image-based Google ads on the Google Display Network – a network  of more  than 2 million websites, videos, apps  and gmail that can reach over 90% of the population. Internet users 


Where do GDN ads show up?

By now you must have somewhat understood what GDN advertising is  or  what Google Display Network is  , right. The implementation of Google Display Network promotion  means that you are displayed and appear on 2 million websites, which will  also help you reach 90 % of internet users  , which is considered an unimaginable number. Your advertising campaigns will  be displayed on websites , mobile apps and videos. Besides , how the promotion is displayed will depend on whether you set goals for the adsHow is the campaign? For example:

  • Select specific websites and pages
  • Analyze and tabulate keywords with topics related to the advertising website
  • Target to specific buyers based on personal information such as: interests, demographics, gender, occupation …


Why do big businesses choose to advertise GDN?

Right after reading the concept of  GDN advertising  , you also understand that the goal of GDN advertising is to promote and increase brand coverage. In Vietnam, the number of organizations and businesses investing in GDN advertising is still not popular. Businesses in Vietnam find Google Display Network ads ineffective because there is no fast conversion rate. If excluding units running Google Remarketing, GDN ads are often used in real estate businesses, cars or businesses in  the fast-moving consumer goods industry . The advertising display mechanism of Google Remarketing and Google Display Network is the same because Google Remarketing is a subset of Google Display Network.


Advantages and disadvantages of GDN . advertising


  • The ability to reach the right audience is high
  • Wide customer reach
  • Low cost of reaching potential customers
  • Include product images in ads



  • GDN ads carry content that may not be relevant to your website
  • Need a large budget to get high efficiency


With  GDN ads  you can  get your  promotion  in front of people , before they even start searching for what you have to offer, which can  be key to your overall promotion strategy . You can also bring content about  something they  are interested in, as in the case of remarketing to people who have previously  visited your website or app .

If you still feel there are many  difficulties and obstacles  in the stage of creating an effective GDN advertising campaign  ,  quickly contact  Lokas.

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