Learn about SEOquake and features of SEOquake 2022

Surely you are not sure  what SEOquake is? What is the function of the components of this application? How to install and use? What do you have to do to activate or cancel? In this article, we will introduce you in detail about this completely free and extremely easy-to-use tool for any SEO-er!

1. What is SEOquake?

SEOquake  is a completely free SEO client for the browser. You do not need to spend any money to have an optimal SEO support tool. This application will help the SEO-er to manage and review website status. You will be provided with all the data you need to keep in mind about the SEO of your website when using this application.

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2. Why SEOquake is an important plugin in SEO

It will take you a lot of time to find out how competitive SEO keywords are. Besides, you also need to collect a lot of data about SERP results. This helps you to know the competition between the top articles. Seoquake is an extremely useful tool to help you solve the above problems. However, this plugin still has minus points. Seoquake is quite heavy and complex, which can affect the loading speed of the page.

Seoquake will help you analyze websites faster, the number of sites on your website is indexed by Google… This free plugin will also provide you with metrics on:

  • Alexa rank
  • Domain age (domain age)
  • SEMrush ranking, lookup domain information (whois),
  • Likes on facebook
  • Other data related to SERP results.


In addition, this is also an effective analytical support tool for website administrators and SEO specialists. Some of the uses of seoquake can be mentioned as:

  • Provides an SEO overview on any search page.
  • Compare domains and URLs
  • Social data
  • Search keyword difficulty
  • Analysis of external and internal links
  • Detailed backlink analysis

3. Find out 5 types of browsers that SEOquake supports

Extensions (on chrome) or add-ons (on Firefox) are both small programs. They are integrated with additional features on available browsers. You will have many choices because seoquake is compatible with most popular browsers today. Seoquake supports browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Coccoc, IE and Opera. But unfortunately, this plugin does not have a version on the Mobile platform. If the application is developed on a smartphone, you can use it anytime, anywhere.


4. Functions of components on SEOquake

After understanding the importance and types of browsers that SEOquake supports, we invite you to learn about the function of the components on SEOquake to better understand this plugin.

4.1 Thẻ Page Information

This is a card that contains all the basic information of a website. You can rely on the Info tab to check the preliminary content of a website. That content includes Url, title tag, meta keywords tag, meta description tag, internal link, external link, and server information. All basic information and availability of the website will be updated in the Info tab.

4.2 Google Pagerank tag

The Google Pagerank tag is the website’s index. You can use this tag to evaluate the reliability or rank of the website according to google standards. Pagerank is an important parameter of a website. This is also one of the keyword ranking factors for your website. The higher this index, the higher the keyword’s search ranking.

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4.3 Google Index Tag

The Google Index tag is the value of all the pages that have been indexed by google. Through this metric, you can track how large or small a website’s content volume is. Or you can see how often the website’s content is updated.

4.4 Alexa Rank . Card

The Alexa Rank (Rank) tag is an index used to assess the popularity of websites on an international or national scale. It is also used to evaluate the performance of the website. The lower the Alexa Rank of a website, the better.

4.5 Webarchive age card

The Webarchive age tab will give you information about the age of the domain. It will show the creation date of the domain. Website with this high index means that the domain has been active for a long time. This shows that this website is more reputable than newly created websites.

4.6. Tag Twitter Tweets

The Twitter Tweets tag shows the number of twitters coming to the website from Twitter users. The higher the index of this Twitter Tweets tag, the more beneficial it will be for your website. This shows that your website gets a lot of hits.

4.7. Facebook likes card

Facebook likes tag is a card that tells you information about the number of website likes on facebook. The larger this metric, the more popular and popular your site is. This will be very beneficial for your website.

4.8. Google PlusOne Card

The Google PlusOne tag shows the number of +1 links to the website through Google. The +1 index is the same as the Twitter Tweets and Facebook likes metrics. If the website has a higher +1 index, the more beneficial it is for the website.

4.9. Whois Thẻ Card

The Whois tag is a card that shows basic information about the site owner, DNS server information, IP. This card shows more detailed information, the higher the level of trust. This will help your website build more authority.

4.10. Page Source tab

The Page Source tab will help you learn about your website’s code. Through the Page Source tab you can view the code information of the website. Besides, you can also help you check the source code of the website.

Above is all the information about SEOquake that Lokas has summarized and updated for readers. Hopefully through the above article, you will have a lot of useful knowledge to build and develop your website. If you have any questions or need detailed advice, please visit the company’s website immediately!

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