Learn about the virtual PBX service and how to use it that you should know

Virtual PBX has become a familiar phrase for many businesses and customers. But not everyone understands what the virtual PBX service is? The benefits and incentives that it brings. To understand the most detailed and specific about virtual switchboard, do not ignore the useful information in the following article!

1. What is a virtual PBX service?

Virtual PBX is a phone service that uses the internet on an IP network instead of using a phone line pulled from the post office as usual.

Find Out What's Wrong With You The concept of virtual PBX service

Enterprises using virtual PBX service can use on:

  • IP phone
  • On the computer
  • On Smartphone

Virtual PBX service supports a lot of businesses to be able to take care of their customers best.

2. Reasons why businesses should choose a virtual PBX service

Despite some minor drawbacks, virtual PBX is still a great way to ensure that your unified communication experience is comprehensive and flexible. This is a great system for companies looking to save money on an IT-managed hardware solution, or for those who need a virtual office experience.

Heart Of The Dead No 1 Reasons why businesses should choose a virtual PBX

Let’s take a look at 7 reasons to consider upgrading your current system to a virtual telephony solution:

2.1 Quick and low-cost installation

If you’re using a traditional solution, you’ll have to pay a higher cost for costly hardware storage, installation, and maintenance. With a virtual PBX solution, the storage, installation, and maintenance are all done by the provider.

Heart Of The Dead No 2 Quick installation, cost-effective

In addition, the installation and configuration also come from the supplier, businesses only need to provide the script of the switchboard according to their wishes.

2.2 Flexible expandable virtual PBX

Virtual PBX helps businesses to expand extensions, branches and offices easily. The investment is also very simple, just need to announce the expansion to the supplier and equip with additional calling devices and network infrastructure to be able to use the system.

2.3 Easy to store

Possessing many advanced voice features such as displaying incoming and outgoing calls, storing calls, voice messages, listening to calls between 3 phones, transferring calls to personal numbers, blocking incoming calls, etc. Works with all SIP standard IP phones of many different brands.

2.4 Diversity of support features

Virtual PBX provides additional value and some additional features such as call queues, IVR, reporting, in-call management features, etc. can bring better experience and service to businesses. .

Heart Of The Dead No 3 Diverse support features

2.5 Continuous Operation Time

With many servers distributed widely, the outage rate drops dramatically. This is especially useful when natural disasters or other types of events occur at a server location. Software from the vendor automatically routes calls to another server so users don’t experience downtime or system downtime issues.

2.6 No need for complex physical hardware

If you build a traditional PBX, then you’ll need to buy or rent the server-structured switchboards you’ll need to make internet-based calls. Virtual PBX does not need to be equipped with this part, but instead, the server system is distributed in several geographical locations and managed by service providers.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about the virtual call center service that we want to share. Good luck!

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