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Learn the Marketing models applied by many businesses

In today’s fiercely competitive market, the application of  marketing models  to business activities is extremely important for businesses to win the battle to gain a foothold in the minds of consumers.

In this article, we will share a summary of common effective marketing communication models.

Popular modern marketing models

1. 4C marketing model

When it comes to marketing, one can’t help but mention Mix media (some places keep the original English language, some places call it Mixed marketing). And when it comes to the marketing mix, people often talk about the traditional 4Ps. However, according to today’s marketing experts, they have clearly introduced the concept of 4Cs and linked these Cs to P’s in pairs to notice that communicators always remember that users are the focus when planning strategies. marketing strategy.

Models Of Marketing Pho Bien Duoc Enterprises App DungMarketing Model 4C

The letter C first – Customer Solutions is attached to the letter P – Product represents the concept that each item brought to market must be a way for the user, that is, to address a practical desire of the user, not just the “profitable solution” of the organization. The second C – Customer Cost (customer’s money) attached to the letter P – Price (price) represents the concept that the price of the item should be seen as the cost that the buyer will pay.

The third C – Convenience (convenience) is attached to the letter P – Place (distribution), requiring the company’s know-how to supply products to create convenience for consumers. The last letter C – Communication is associated with the letter P – Promotion, which requires marketing to be a two-way interaction and talk between businesses and customers.

2. SAVE model – State-of-the-art marketing model

The 4P’s marketing model has been around for centuries, 4P’s includes Price, Product, Place and Promotion. Now with the help of technology, the intense growth of the digital era, it seems that the 4P’s model is no longer completely true to reality.

Models Of Marketing Pho Bien Duoc Enterprise Ap Dung 1Model SAVE

The communication model SAVE proposed, initially SAVE chose to rewrite the 4Ps concept and target B2B, but when measured carefully, SAVE is suitable for all company models and is especially suitable for mediums social media.

The four components of the SAVE model: Solution, Access, Value, and Education. Among them Access and Education are being impacted the most in the Digital Age.

3. Marketing funnel model

This communication model is similar to creating a consumer journey plan. Go from potential customers, find products, start exposure to the sales process, get access to marketing messages, become customers, loyal customers and become promoters of the product like that. any.

Step 1: Get to know the product

This is the opening stage in the model. At this point, the target audience has no awareness of the item. The role of marketers is to make users aware of the appearance of products/services through the means of marketing, advertising, etc. Let’s extract where your audience usually “lives” in reality. economy and online, to use a flexible way of affordable communication solutions.

Step 2: Consider

After knowing the item, the customer will consider and compare it with other similar or alternative items on the market in terms of price, use, quality, design, warranty… Now marketers need There are methods to make your products/services stand out from the competition.

Step 3: Favorite

At this point, consumers have been impressed and interested in your product, continuing to desire to own it. But do not be subjective, a sales formula can still fail even when customers already like the product. Related factors such as service attitude of subordinates, installation and usage mode, warranty, after-sales… have a huge influence on the next step in the marketing funnel model.

Step 4: Purchase

Once all relevant requirements have been satisfied, the user will come to a decision to make a purchase. Let’s make everything happen as convenient for the consumer as possible, to enter the 5th step in this middle of the communication funnel.

Step 5: Loyalty

Every company dreams of building a team of loyal consumers. The task of marketers is to make plans for after-sales customer care, after-sales service, creating close relationships, visiting customers … so that they are loyal to their brand.

It costs 5 times more to find a new consumer than to keep an old one, so supporting customers on all fronts will bring unexpected benefits to the company. Both in terms of revenue and brand reputation.

Step 6: Spread the word

The main customer is the best sales person for the business. The incredible impact of word of mouth has been demonstrated in the company’s marketing campaigns.

A referred customer will have a much higher closing percentage than a new customer, but the cost is many times smaller. Therefore, focusing on satisfying the needs of consumers, taking care of them in all aspects will help the company successfully implement the marketing funnel model, taking potential customers through each step of the model. to the final stage.


Thank you for reading the article about modern marketing model above, hope that the information I share will help you to overcome your difficulties and questions.

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