Lokas specializes in Facebook advertising services for Spas in Ho Chi Minh City

Are you looking for a Facebook advertising services for Spas? Let Lokas help you, with more than 7 years of experience specializing in providing omni-channel marketing services for all industries. Lokas will bring you the best service experience. Lokas will help businesses come up with specific marketing strategies to reach the right potential customers and optimize costs!

About Lokas:

Lokas is one of the units that provide Facebook advertising services for Spas, beauty salons, and beauty salons trusted by many customers. With more than 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing, we have successfully built many famous brands. Using Facebook ads for Spa in Lokas, you will be supported with detailed advice on the plan to reach potential customers and detailed monthly reports.

In addition to providing Facebook ads for Spa, Lokas also provides real estate advertising services, advertising services for cosmetics, fashion, household appliances, etc.. As long as you do any business, Lokas can. Deployment helps you!


Why should you use Spa advertising services?

Facebook advertising services for Spa in general and beauty in particular have extremely high interaction rates compared to other fields. But the problem is for Facebook ad campaign fee is very high. Reason:

Extremely large client file:

For Facebook ads for Spa, the cost per conversion will be slightly higher than the rest of the fields.

Competition in the market, many establishments have to spend a lot of money on Marketing:

+ If you lower your Facebook ad bid, your campaign will not be able to compete with your competitors => the campaign will have no impressions.

+ If you bid competitively with a competitor, but your budget is small, your ad will deliver before Facebook determines who your potential audience is.

=> Facebook advertising service for Spa is only really effective if you have a suitable budget compared to the competitive market with competitors.


Combine Spa advertising service on Google

Facebook advertising service for Spa can not only deploy on Facebook, but it also brings many effects when running on other platforms such as Google!

Spa advertising service on Google ads GDN

This is the method of displaying Spa Advertising Services on websites that are Google’s content partners, these websites focus mainly on major news and electronic newspapers with a very high number of users. You can distribute and display advertising templates with many different formats such as text, video or images… This form of advertising helps you to be proactive in targeting potential audiences, expanding your market. market and develop a stronger corporate brand.

GoogleAdwords Advertising

Just like how to advertise Facebook for Spa! This is the form in which you can reach potential customers of your business through customer search queries when in need with spa services and search on Google. With this form, the task of the business is to identify the right keywords to advertise and deploy the campaign.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google’s type of remarketing ads, superfast ads will display in the footsteps of potential customers who have visited businesses’ spa websites but have not yet converted. This form will help businesses reach the most potential customers, at the same time develop and maintain brand identity.


Why should you choose Lokas?

  • Professional team

Lokas has more than 7 years of experience in the field from consulting to implementing systems for businesses.

  • Overall service

Lokas fully deploys services belonging to Digital Marketing for business customers – All in One Solution For Business.

  • Creating endless

Always study and analyze the market in different stages and come up with the most breakthrough ideas for customers’ businesses.

Lokas with many years of experience in implementing multi-channel integrated Facebook advertising service models has helped many businesses build brands. Prominent as beauty center Iseul is one of Lokas’ longtime partners. Lokas provides multi-service facebook advertising, Google ads and social media channels to help your business reach a huge source of customers.

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