Lokas specializes in Google ads for real estate at extremely favorable prices

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Google ads for real estate?

Advantages of hiring Google ads for real estate:

Lokas specializes in providing Google ads for real estate with many years of experience in many different market segments. One of Lokas’ big customers is Landmark Group, which is one of the real estate companies that has been with Lokas since the early days of its listing. Surely everyone knows that Google ads for real estate bring enormous efficiency to businesses. Vietnamese people often have a poem “our people must know our history, if we don’t know what we don’t know, Google” from which you can see that Google is standing at the top of today’s search engines. Not only that, according to studies, customers with real estate investment needs will have the habit of searching for information on Google first. Especially for the real estate sector, this is an extremely prestigious news repository; quality and diversity of investment information, projects, markets, … That’s why Google ads for real estate are increasingly important to project investors, transactional properties and sales staff. However, if you run it yourself, you will have to overcome many problems to achieve the desired results.


Cons of running Google ads for real estate yourself:

Running Google ads yourself is not as simple as you think. Running Google ads for real estate yourself, you will realize that:

  • The installation interface is not like the tutorials.
  • It is not possible to switch languages ​​to fully understand the items.
  • There are too many utilities and tools but you don’t know how to use them.
  • And there are many other problems.

The biggest problem is still the cost. Many customers come to Lokas after they have spent a large amount of money but have not brought any results. The biggest problem here is that the data you use to run is too big or too small for the resources you have. Instead of continuing to try and waste money, you should look to Google advertising services for real estate to sell projects as quickly as possible.


What are the forms of Google ads for real estate?

Search advertising: Search advertising is a form of advertising on the search engine of Google search that investors or Google ads for real estate. When users search for information that they are interested in, Google will show results in the form of ads that display correctly or most closely with phrases related to your ad keywords.

Search ads are mainly focused on influencing customer behavior, such as clicking on ads or calling your business directly.


Google Display Network advertising aka display advertising:

Google display ads will help you reach your target customers while they are browsing on any website, on YouTube, checking their Gmail account or while they are using mobile devices and apps. use.

Google real estate advertising forms are designed to help businesses identify the right leads to strategically show their real estate projects to potential customers in the right locations and right time.

Google Video Ads

Businesses build a professional video campaign that engages customers in a variety of ways on YouTube or on video partner sites. This ad allows your clip to appear on YouTube and on other Google Display Networks.

Various forms of Google advertising for real estate through other online video content on YouTube and on the Google Display Network. Current video ad formats include: Skipable in-stream, Non-skippable in-stream, Trueview outstream, TrueView video discovery ads, Front page ads YouTube, Bumper ads

Lokas is one of the units specializing in integrated marketing support of social network channels for all industries. Need advice on a strategic plan to bring high efficiency and optimize costs for your business, please contact Lokas for a free consultation 24/7!

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