Marketing Google Ads brings what efficiency in business?

Marketing Google Ads is one of the advertising tools chosen by many businesses. Because of its low cost, simple operation and higher trust than other types of advertising. Please join Lokas to learn more about Google advertising through the article below!

What is Google Ads Marketing?

Marketing Google Ads is using Google’s advertising services to manipulate search engines and websites in the affiliate system. Marketing Google Ads generates more than 90% of the profits for Google Inc and is the main source of revenue for the corporation.

Google Ads Marketing is a form of advertising that businesses will spend money to show (CPM) or click (CPC) in priority positions on the search results page or Google’s network through the selection of keywords. The key is related to the product/service that your business provides. You only pay when potential customers visit your website.


The benefits of using Marketing Google Ads

Marketing Google Ads helps to reach the target audience quickly:

Do not display blunders like traditional promotional tools such as billboards, flyers, banner ads, etc. Marketing Google Ads only allows information & advertising images to appear right to customers who are looking for business information. business is doing business. This smart approach of Marketing Google Ads helps businesses see the size of the market on the internet, better understand the thoughts and actions of potential customers, thereby making appropriate advertising plans to promote business efficiency on the internet.
Especially, when the trend of online shopping is increasingly popular and widely used. In addition to helping to reach potential audiences, businesses can also improve conversion rates right on their website. And from there, the revenue increased significantly.

You Can't Find It Anymore

Quickly and accurately

With Google Ads Marketing, it usually takes you about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete an ad campaign and 5 minutes for your ad to be reviewed and appear on Google. According to a study by DGM Vietnam Training Center, 95% of the center’s students have successfully connected with Google in the first lesson and reached thousands of target audiences. Some people even found customers in class! With other promotional tools, it can take up to a few days for your content to be prepared and accepted.
In particular, in keyword research to match the campaign. You can also use Google’s own tool, Google Keyword Planner. With this help, it is easy for you to understand which keywords are potential keywords and which you should invest in. Or Google also suggests you a bid that is appropriate for each keyword.

Moreover, Google’s campaign management tool is very versatile and convenient, constantly updated to help you reach the exact target audience you want based on criteria such as language, geographical area. , ad time, device used, campaign budget, etc. Even if you are a beginner in advertising, you can easily set up a campaign.


Instantly measure performance

Marketing Google Ads allows you to track all the activities related to your promotion: frequency of appearance, number of clicks, CTR metrics, bounce rate, etc. so you know exactly what is going on and How to improve advertising activities for businesses. Metrics are updated accurately so you can optimize anytime and anywhere. Not only that, but Google also released a tool to set up their own reports so that not only you can track, but advertisers can also easily send out reports when needed.

With other advertising tools, it usually takes you 1-2 weeks or a whole month to get statistics on advertising performance (a time enough to make you lose a significant amount of money). In contrast, Marketing Google Ads gives you real-time control to make the necessary changes to improve business efficiency for your online marketing strategy.

The exact test step for SEO

In addition to the direct results that Marketing Google Ads brings to businesses, this online advertising tool also provides maximum support for another part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Usually businesses have to consider whether to choose to implement Google Ads or SEO. The reality shows that both these tools can support each other perfectly.
SEO is a tool to help you optimize your website in the best way, and in order for Google to appreciate your website, that website needs to be optimized for many different criteria. At this time, Google Ads can support the SEO process by pulling more traffic to the website. Especially for new websites, if doing SEO as soon as the website is completed, it will definitely take a lot of time. Therefore, as soon as new websites are established, businesses should deploy Google Ads first to create stability for the website. Then the next step is implementing SEO. On the contrary, when you do good SEO, your website’s quality score increases, then running Google Ads is also the basis for your ads to always show up in the best positions.
If you have the financial capacity to combine both Google Ads and SEO, your business will certainly have a huge advantage over competitors and reach more potential customers.

Above are the benefits that Marketing Google Ads brings. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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