Marketing năm 2022

Marketing trends in 2022 and what you should know about Marketers

The year 2021 is coming to an end and is a difficult year for business people, whether individuals or companies, with the prolonged epidemic. Implementing Marketing to reach and attract customers to use services/products has also become more difficult. However, for those who have been in the market for a long time, the more difficult the market is, the more opportunities they have to promote their strengths and help the business grow even more! So what will be the marketing trend in 2022 in the upcoming Vietnamese market?

1. KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) becomes a key marketing factor to increase conversions

KOC – Influential consumers in the newly developed market in recent years through product/service reviews. However, 2021 becomes a year of great success for KOCs when a series of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok…) “race” to develop short videos for people. creators. KOC emerges at the right time when customers have more time to watch and monitor content, besides that, customers gradually “get used to” watching movie reviews and then switch to watching product reviews, increasing its appeal. on the Reviewers channel.

After that, online shopping has become a habit of consumers for a few years now, but the quality of goods “upper gold, low in bran” makes consumers look forward to having “white mice” to help them experience products/services. service before “down payment” is one of the deciding factors that make KOC more attractive than ever;

=> For marketers, considering choosing the right KOC to deploy PR products/services in 2022 is a must-do problem, thereby attracting and increasing customer conversion rates (not recommended for customers). with poor quality products).

2. Short videos occupy the air in forms of advertising and media

As mentioned above, social networks are “racing” to attract loyal users to their platform by offering a series of features to support recording and editing short videos, so the inclusion of short videos in marketing on digital platforms. The platform is also advice for Marketers in 2022.

However, the shorter what is, the more skills are required, individuals / businesses who want to implement Marketing on short video platforms need to consider a lot of innovation and content creation to ensure continuous content. ensure to bring enough information to customers but still have to create attraction, not boring when easily overlapping ideas.

3. The B2B2C (Business to Business to Customer) model becomes the spearhead for business people

The model of association between 2 or more businesses PR cross products to end users (End Users) is more and more developed, especially in the current context when customers are increasingly “lazy” in finding products/ services and are often attracted by referrals from reputable addresses/brands. B2B2C becomes a solution for companies selling products/services to take advantage of mutual customer sources to develop.

With finding customers increasingly difficult, if B2B2C is well utilized, marketers will “breathe” in reaching target customers through connections between industries/services with the same customer base. do not overlap each other thereby increasing revenue.

4. Applications (Apps) that are “Branded” become a trend


If in the past, developing an application software (App) was only for the “big hands” in technology, now, many businesses have embarked on building their own Apps to manage as well as Get the most out of a better set of customers.

Owning an application is no longer as difficult as it was in the early stages 5 years ago, current IT staff are more and more skilled and can support businesses to build their own application platform. thereby serving the best for customers as well as exploiting the customer base available on the App platform (upgrading features to increase experience, reMKT, upgrade users class…).

5. QR Code

Qr Code

The epidemic brings difficulties to business but brings great advantages to businesses when applying QR Code to implement Marketing;

The habit of users after translation is to scan QR codes for medical declarations and become a highlight for current marketing/communication campaigns that cannot fail to consider the use of QR Codes. With QR Code, businesses can lead visitors to websites/apps or even many different platforms, thereby enhancing customer experience through “1 scan”.

2022 will become a milestone for QR development when customer behavior has been “trained” to scan QR during the past period!

Hopefully, with the above sharing, it will help Marketers and business people to have more reference information to orient to implement plans and strategies in the near future! Wish everyone a favorable 2022, success and development in everything!

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