Messaging service is required for the following 3 business lines

Currently, messaging service are being used widely around the world. In Vietnam in recent years, texting service has also been interested and chosen by many businesses. So is messaging service suitable for all industries? And what industries are required to use messaging services to serve customers and enhance the brand of the business? Please refer to the business industries that need to use messaging services in the article below to see if your business is on this list!

Business lines that need to use messaging services:


SMS Marketing is the perfect solution for the retail industry. SMS Marketing messaging services can help retail businesses with:

– Notification of the latest promotional items and promotions

– Notify when the business is about to have a new or biggest Sale campaign of the year

– Promo code, discount or refund, encourage customers to come back to you

– Send information about seasonal products

– Send special offers TODAY to urge customers to buy.

Ban Le

Special messaging service needed for e-commerce sector

E-commerce businesses rely almost exclusively on digital marketing techniques like email and social media marketing, but not many think to include messaging services in their marketing campaigns.

With SMS Marketing messaging service, e-commerce businesses can use to exploit their customer needs. Besides:

– Send Alerts to customers when their order has been processed and dispatched

– Notify your customers on the estimated date their products will be delivered

– Send surveys to get opinions and feedback from customers

– To produce products based on customer needs or previous transactions.



SMS Marketing messaging service has not been widely used in the restaurant industry. Therefore, it is very necessary if you can apply SMS Marketing to your industry. This can be a step to help you compete with traditional restaurants

SMS Marketing messaging service can be applied to the restaurant industry in:

– Advertise the restaurant’s food by topics such as daily, seasonal menus, etc.

– Send notifications to update menus, dishes, other services

– Send the customer’s reservation confirmation about the place, time, number of people, …

– If the restaurant offers delivery service, you can also send notifications to let customers control whether the order has been delivered or not.

– Send menu announcements before lunch or dinner time, you can entice customers to choose your restaurant for their upcoming meal.



The tourism industry is very broad. However, whether your business offers flights, tours or all-inclusive vacation packages, SMS messaging is of great benefit to businesses in the travel industry.

For the travel industry, SMS Marketing can be used for:

– Written confirmation of the customer’s booking

– Texts reminding customers the night before they start traveling

– If you provide flight transfers, you can text your customers about the flight number, check-in gate number, seat number on the plane, etc., helping customers save time when arriving at the airport

Event Management

This is a business that requires you to plan ahead, correcting those that go wrong. Therefore, SMS Marketing messaging service can promote its benefits to help you complete the most perfect event organization.

With SMS Marketing for the event management industry, you can:

– Inform attendees about the time and place of the event

– Update events quickly such as parking, food, guests, ..

– Security alert

It can be seen that messaging services can reach customers instantly in a way that Email and mobile applications cannot and at the same time they are convenient and ubiquitous.

By using SMS marketing creatively, you can build a loyal and trustworthy relationship between your business and your customers.

Above are the top occupations that are required to use SMS services. If you fall into one of the business categories above and you haven’t used SMS Marketing messaging services to communicate with customers, it might be time to reconsider.

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