Misconceptions about VoIP technology that you should know

The advent of VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) has brought a completely new method of communication for businesses not only because of its cost advantages but also advantages in the process of use and installation. However, some businesses have not yet adopted this new technology.

This is because misconceptions about VoIP technology persist to this day. Let’s see what these mistakes are and discover the truth behind it right below!

1. Misconceptions about VoIP technology

1.1 VoIP is not secure

Most users and businesses think that when using a phone, using an Internet connection will be less secure. However, the reality is that IP Phones are no less secure than the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Thanks to encryption, VoIP can reduce risks more effectively than traditional landlines.

But Quan Diem Sai Lam Ve Cong Listen To Voip VoIP security

VoIP phone systems also offer enhanced security features. Most providers offer call encryption, two-factor authentication, advanced monitoring, and detailed logs.

1.2 Sound quality is not good

If you started using VoIP in the 90s, you’ve probably encountered this situation. It is the sound that is transmitted more slowly or you do not hear the sound while the other person is still talking. If those experiences left you unsatisfied, now is the time to take a closer look at VoIP.

Now, vendors have figured out the reasons for poor audio quality and found ways to fix them. Most reputable providers will offer free trials to users. Thereby, you can confirm the sound quality for yourself when using VoIP.

1.3 Too complicated

It is no coincidence that this VoIP myth still exists. When using VoIP PBX , users will be surprised by countless acronyms. This is what makes many people think that only professionals or people with specialized technical knowledge can use VoIP. This thinking is completely wrong.

Nhung Quan Diem Sai Lam Ve Cong Listen To Voip 1 Is VoIP too complicated?

When using VoIP, businesses only need to equip themselves with basic knowledge of SIP (session initiation protocol) and their phone system needs to be compatible with SIP to be enough. Second, the business must check that the internet connection is fast and has enough bandwidth for VoIP. The remaining problems, the supplier side will respond to you. It’s easy to get started with VoIP, isn’t it?

1.4 Not many features

Another VoIP myth is that it doesn’t have many features. Although VoIP did not support faxing, integration with other systems, emergency calling, and many other important features when it was first introduced, these things have all been overcome.

Nhung Quan Diem Sai Lam Ve Cong Listen To Voip 2 Misconception about VoIP

VoIP system now supports digital fax making it much easier and more convenient to send information than the traditional process. Besides, VoIP also uses E911 emergency dialing. In addition, VoIP also has a lot of new features needed for businesses such as integration with the customer management system (CRM) to help manage data more quickly and conveniently.

1.5 Not necessary for business

Many businesses don’t use VoIP simply because they think it’s unnecessary. Some people think that VoIP is not suitable for small business models. Others feel they cannot afford to build an entirely new information system. Some people even say that they don’t need VoIP because their current system is still working fine. That is a myth about VoIP.

The process of installing VoIP is relatively simple and does not cost too much for businesses. In particular, it also helps businesses save a lot of monthly costs for phone charges. In addition, this protocol is also suitable for any company, whether small or large because of its flexibility.

In short, in today’s technological advancement, VoIP will be your only option as traditional landline phones may not be around for long. So, don’t let the myths about VoIP stop you from adapting to the current trend. Instead, equip yourself with a clear understanding of this modern voice protocol.

2. Conclusion

Above is the entire information about VoIP technology mistakes that we want to share. Good luck!

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