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Mistakes when building IVR system for businesses

IVR can help businesses increase interaction with customers, but can also cause them to lose customers when making mistakes when building IVR .
These days, almost all businesses use IVR to serve their business activities. This is a technology that helps businesses interact and market with customers.

Accordingly, IVR is known as an automatic voice response system over the phone. It works using built-in response dialogues. Customers will interact with the business through pressing the keyboard on the phone. IVR saves time, costs for customer care, Marketing… but also causes businesses to lose a large number of customers when making them uncomfortable by building IVR in the wrong way.

Mistakes when building an IVR . system

1. Too many options

One of the key advantages of IVR is that it allows customers to solve their problems quickly and efficiently. So when you design your IVR scenario, keep in mind that you need to provide your customers with an easy-to-use way to solve their problems.

The Wrong Way When Grinding Dung He Thong Ivr For Enterprises Too many choices

Therefore, you should avoid giving customers too many options to choose from at one level.

2. IVR operating time is limited

The time to call the business of each customer is not fixed because each person will have different problems. Therefore, if the IVR is limited in operating time, it will cause loss of sympathy for customers. For example, if you build an IVR that only works during office hours and unfortunately the customer calls until the IVR stops working. They will feel extremely uncomfortable and quickly turn to competitors. In this case, losing customers is inevitable.

The Wrong Way When Grinding Dung He Thong Ivr For Enterprises 1 Limited time

In order to overcome this mistake, businesses should pay attention to build IVRs operating 24/7 to serve customers throughout. If that’s not possible, build additional sections that allow them to leave a message or navigate for customers to call back the next day.

3. Presentation is not optimal

In addition to too many options, another common mistake is not presenting options as clearly as possible. While designing an IVR, the most frequently accessed options should be prioritized in the first place.

The Wrong Way When Grinding Dung He Thong Ivr For Enterprises 2 Presentation is not optimal

Example : If more than half of your calls come to your business with technical support needs, and only a small fraction of those calls go to another department, you should prioritize the tech support option first.

4. IVR has poor sound quality

Many businesses build IVRs with poor sound quality, such as using the voice of “Google sister” or the voice recorded through speakers to save costs. This is a mistake that can quickly lose customers because it makes them feel like your business is not trustworthy and professional enough. Even customers cannot understand because the voice is too difficult to hear and will switch to competitors.

The Wrong Way When Grinding Dung He Thong Ivr For Enterprises 3 Poor quality sound

It is best to use a recording file with good, clear sound quality that is carefully recorded. A professional IVR needs to get rid of background noise and regional accents. Also, the sound is recorded by the same person, one device in a certain studio is best.

5. No callback option

What if the automated voice system is unable to resolve the customer’s problem, especially when the Agents are busy handling other calls? Will the customer have to leave without support?

The best way to help improve customer satisfaction is to increase sales conversion rates by having a plan to call customer support back at a later time.

6. Unprofessional interactive voice file

Many businesses want to use robot voice or voice recorded at the company to be quick and cost-effective. However this is not really a good idea.

When designing the IVR, elaborate recording not only makes navigation easier to understand, eliminates unnecessary confusion (regional accents, background noise, etc.), but also shows professionalism and respect for our customers. friend

7. Excessive use of technical jargon

Most of the customers who call IVR are those who do not have much knowledge about the products and services you provide. If you build an IVR that uses too many specialized terms, it will be impossible for customers to understand. In this case, losing customers is only a matter of time. Therefore, businesses need to choose the simplest and most common words that all customers can understand when building dialogues for the IVR system.


Above is all information about mistakes when building IVR systems that we want to share. Good luck!

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