Mistakes when running GoogleAds ads waste budget

Running GoogleAds ads is one of the indispensable forms of marketing for any business in the current 4.0 era. But how to advertise GoogleAds effectively and minimize unnecessary mistakes? Please join Lokas to learn the common mistakes when running GoogleAds in the article below!

Mistakes when advertising GoogleAds:

Run ads yourself when you don’t understand how ads work

Do not self-register advertising with Google to save costs if you are NOT knowledgeable about it. If you don’t know anything or only know “fog”, you should not run by yourself. So you are “throwing” money out the window.

Need to find a unit that specializes in running Google Ads ads for guidance and support to run ads. If necessary, sign a contract to hire that unit to run ads, commit to the terms that your business sets out to develop sales and business.


Think running GoogleAds is making orders

In fact, Google Ads ads only do the job of delivering your ads, products and services to potential customers. Whether or not an order can be made is a lot of factors such as: Is your product quality? Is your service good enough? Is your business reputation high or not? Is the product/service price competitive enough? Did your ad reach the right audience? When all elements from advertising to corporate products are well-organized, the application will be natural.


Hire unreliable advertising agencies

Do not hire units that run cheap GoogleAds, are not reputable, or have never run your industry. There is a proverb that says “money goes with quality” and on the market today there are hundreds of agencies that run ads, but there are not many companies that do not run well with quality. Even many companies run around, or use black hat tricks to run. This not only affects revenue, but also adversely affects your website.

4 criteria to choose a reputable advertising agency:

  • Say no to “black hat” technology tricks that harm customers in the long run
  • The entire implementation process is clearly planned and reported
  • Commitment to transparency about data and processes
  • Detailed report on the index including the risks

Do not optimize ads regularly

At each time each form of advertising will bring different effects. You need to track the conversion rate, CTR and optimize many other GoogleAds ads to achieve the best conversion rate.

The optimization here can be just re-optimizing the title and content of the ad to attract more customers and increase the CTR rate higher.

Choose the wrong target keyword and mislead

Make sure you have selected the right target keywords and don’t confuse google search ads with Google organic search results. Stitching up keywords, choosing the type of keywords to run is very important.

Choosing the right target keywords helps your GoogleAds ads appear to the right searchers, avoiding wasting money with keywords that don’t match the products you don’t offer.

Chon-Sai-Tu- Khoa-Muc-Tieu-Va-Lam-Tuong

No keyword segmentation or incorrect keyword division

Many advertisers often make the mistake of skipping keyword analysis and keyword division. Keyword division is very important because you have to analyze detailed keyword groups to know the right needs of customers, leading to a landing page that will satisfy their search needs, when you meet the needs of customers. customers, the likelihood of conversion will be higher.

You need to understand and analyze clearly the needs and psychology of customers because customers always search closely to what they need before launching a GoogleAds campaign.

Landing page quality is not good or there is no specific landing page

No specific landing page, or poor quality landing page. The journey of finding and enticing customers to click on the landing page is difficult, but failure is when the customer has been pulled to the landing page but the landing page is not well taken care of, not bringing useful knowledge to the customer. So your GoogleAds campaign is considered useless.

The landing page does not contain the price, only includes advertising information, but the user is interested in the price, so the landing page does not meet the needs of the search query.

Above are the common mistakes made when running GoogleAds ads. Hope the article will bring useful information for your business!

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