Online Advertising

Online advertising service - Supporting businesses in digital transformation.

We do not only do online advertising services for businesses, we always coordinate the best advertising platforms as a form of brand communication for businesses. Optimizing advertising costs – increasing brand awareness – increasing conversions – reducing CPL is our responsibility and obligation when cooperating with businesses.

Facebook Ads

Reach millions of potential customers, increase revenue, increase brand awareness.

Google Ads

Reach millions of potential customers, diverse advertising methods.

Line Ads Bns

Tiktok Ads

The innovative advertising platform of society and the prevailing trend for current businesses.

Zalo advertising

Promotion on zalo application is a new trend with more than several hundred million potential users.

Do you know?

Online advertising is not only a solution to buy content impressions, it is also the best and fastest method of brand communication today.

Standardize the brand image

We design images by ourselves, process content according to corporate brand standards, ensuring exclusivity.

Choose the right ad type

Depending on each campaign, the right types of advertising can promote all features and bring the highest efficiency.

Selecting potential customers

Testing and providing the most suitable potential customer file for the product, market segment of the business.

Interactive object file retention

We host interactive files, helping businesses reach back with new messages.

We will do...


Determine the audience the campaign is targeting, along with behavioral research, audience interests.


Collect and analyze information related to customers, competitors and competition levels.


Analytical processing provides the most appropriate time for the most appropriate ad to be displayed.


Uniquely created content that clearly fits the heart of the campaign.


Control and optimize costs, make the most of the potential of the budget.

Deployment channel

Diverse advertising platforms such as: Google ads, Facebook ads, Tik Tok ads,...


Collect and analyze campaign metrics from low to advanced.


Optimizing the campaign through measurable indicators, providing the best solution for the campaign.

Need to coordinate advertising platforms?

We are the choice of business.

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