Operational environment and communication tools on Migital Marketing 2022

Environmental analysis and marketing communication tools are an important factor when planning and implementing any digital marketing campaign. This helps Digital Marketing activities match the market context, current situation, desires and problems of the business, meeting the needs, wants and insights of customers.

Digital Marketing operating environment

Elements of the Digital Marketing operating environment

Digital Marketing environmental factors that marketers need to pay attention to include macro environment, micro environment and internal business and products. The analysis of these factors helps businesses discover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From there, the direction for the right and appropriate Digital Marketing strategy can be drawn.


Microenvironment includes factors directly related to the business, brand and external forces. Before planning any Digital Marketing campaign, businesses need to consider and analyze information related to suppliers, customers, partners, competitors, the public, etc.

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Macro environment

The macro environment affecting Digital Marketing activities is composed of forces affecting the general environment of the industry and has no direct impact on the business. Generally, the macro environment consists of 5 components: demographic, economic, technological, socio-cultural, and political-legal.

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Internal business

The internal environment of the enterprise is made up of the internal factors of the organization, the forces that affect Digital Marketing activities, specifically including human resources, budget, machinery and technology, business strategy. , history, corporate culture, … Enterprises need to clearly define, what are the factors that cannot be changed, which factors need to be included in digital marketing communications and activities, strengths that can be exploited, and which factors. must change, can change.

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Customer Journey in Digital Marketing

According to information from Salesforce, up to 80% of Marketing experts say that the customer journey is an essential factor that businesses need to pay attention to for a successful Digital Marketing campaign. The customer journey plays an important role in Digital Marketing, specifically:

  • The customer journey helps to measure the effectiveness and interaction of customers in Digital Marketing campaigns
  • Design a Digital Marketing strategy to improve every step of the buying process
  • Detecting shortcomings of Digital Marketing strategies, ready to adjust accordingly
  • Support businesses to implement cost-effective and correct Digital Marketing plans

Digital Marketing research process and tools

Research before implementing a Digital Marketing campaign helps businesses understand important information such as customers, markets and competitors. Accordingly, businesses need to research online Marketing, Digital Marketing information systems, Database Marketing by using online marketing research tools appropriately.

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Interactive communication tools on Digital Marketing

Interactive media allows people to engage, connect with others, is one of the important factors to consider when learning and implementing Digital Marketing activities.

General overview of interactive communication

Interactive media has the purpose of attracting, interacting directly with the target audience. Unlike traditional media, interactive media on Digital Marketing allows two-way communication, with the advantage of being able to directly and accurately assess the impact of Marketing activities, advertisement. It allows businesses to gather valuable information from a group of potential customers and current customers, thereby making appropriate and timely strategies and adjustments for their Digital Marketing plans.

Accordingly, businesses need to determine how to use digital marketing tools to attract and reach target customers, thereby achieving the set marketing goals.

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Internet communication tools in Digital Marketing

Understanding the communication tools in Digital Marketing is extremely important, helping businesses and specifically Marketers to apply and deploy flexibly, accurately and effectively, serving to achieve business goals. Karma. Specifically, these tools include:

Search Engine Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the core tools of Digital Marketing, performing tasks such as website structure, optimization, content development, etc. to increase the visibility of businesses and brands in the online environment, especially in the online environment. especially for the Google search engine. A study by BrightEdge has shown that an average of 51% of visitors to a website are driven by SEO.

SEO brings benefits in Digital Marketing, which can be mentioned as:

  • Take advantage of free traffic
  • Building Brand, Trust and Reputation
  • Increase the user experience on the website
  • Improving brand visibility is a long-term, sustainable strategy

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Interactive advertising

Interactive advertising is the activities aimed at consumers via the Internet platform, attracting comments, likes, shares, clicks, video views, etc. Thereby helping to increase the conversion rate, the ultimate aim is to create sales, orders for businesses.

Social Media

Social Media simply means the communication tools in Digital Marketing used on social networking platforms, for the purpose of reaching, building relationships and interacting with users through technological devices. Businesses use Social Media to find and reach their target audience, market their products, and get measurable consumer feedback and reviews. Popular Social Media channels today can be mentioned as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Besides, Social Media also plays the role of link building, supporting the implementation of SEO.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing or Viral Marketing is the activity of building a communication strategy with the aim of encouraging a user to spread and share the marketing messages that the business wants to convey. Viral Marketing takes advantage of rapid replication, creating an explosion of messages to a large target audience, geared towards achieving a primary goal of branding or sales.

Online PR 

Online PR – Online Public Relations is a Digital Marketing tool that helps businesses’ brands, products and services reach a large number of consumers. The difference from traditional PR is that PR Online’s content and media stories are transmitted on online marketing channels.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a Digital Marketing tool, in which businesses use electronic mail (Email) to bring sales, marketing, product introduction, … to potential customers. Email Marketing saves costs, helps build brands, trust and relationships with customers. At the same time, Email Marketing campaigns can measure and evaluate effectiveness to make appropriate adjustments.

Other digital communication tools in Digital Marketing

In addition to Internet communication tools, Digital Marketing also includes broader digital communication tools such as:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • SMS & Brand Name Marketing
  • Interactive TV online…

Hope the above sharing will help you get more useful information!

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