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For business websites, Organic Search is an important part of the sales funnel. Most users search for information on Google at least once before making a purchase. Lokas SEO service help you establish a solid conversion foundation for your Website, reach the right potential customers, increase visits, increase revenue, and increase brand awareness in the market.

What is SEO service?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization , is a process of improving the ranking of a website on search engines so that users can choose to see a website more easily in the search results search results .

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Usually when  you look up anything, you go to Google, Yahoo or Bing! to practice your  search . After accessing, you  will conduct a search by typing (entering) a question or keyword in the search box  . They will then provide you with a series of results list of sites that are  likely to answer your question or have an impact on your keywords – this is also the main purpose of any  translation. any SEO service  .

In the search results table , SEO stands below the positions of AdWords sponsored ads  (currently the Adword results will have the word “Ad” appearing on the ad). The SEO results obtained  after process  of optimization and achieving many  rankings are often called from TOP 1 to 10 (position to position 10 on the page).

Why do businesses need SEO services?

Today, with  the ever – growing modern era 4.0 , users tend to find any information they have to through search engines on the internet to replace the  traditional way like finding  out directly. before.


For example, need to buy branded handbags, find a service to run google ads or a spa tour center for 4 days 2 nights… customers will often have the habit of going online to type keywords and search for notices on the internet. Google.

So in case your website has a high position from the search results pages , it will help your website let many people know that your brand can reach the most profitable potential customers for you from the Internet channel . .

Professional SEO services in Lokas

SEO services at Lokas care about what users have , are and will type in the search bar . Successful SEO requires the SEO team not only to  understand  Google, but also to have long-term experience in battle to understand customer psychology and behavior.


What Lokas cherishes is the sustainable value and trust of customers. Absolutely do not  support with any suggestion related to circumvention or black hat SEO. Completely confident when looking back on the journey of more than 7 years of successful SEO campaigns for hundreds of partners. What will you get when you come to professional website SEO services in Lokas?

  • Detailed and clear SEO plan
  • 100% guaranteed to meet KPI, only receive fees when going to the Top
  • Commit to a high conversion rate, 5 times the revenue before implementing the SEO plan
  • Maintain monitoring and ready to assist whenever you need to improve website SEO ranking


Through this, you and I have learned the definitions of basic  SEO services, I hope this article will help you to own the important keys in attracting users to your  website . your.

But if you feel this is a difficult and complicated task , full of challenges, please leave a comment or contact us  . Glad to be with  you on your journey to  learn about SEO.

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