Professional real estate Facebook advertising service in Ho Chi Minh City

Today, using real estate Facebook advertising services to reach multi-channel customers is a must for any business. So what are the benefits of using real estate Facebook advertising services for businesses? Find out with Lokas through the article below!

Great opportunity from using Facebook ads for the real estate industry

  • Judging by the number of users, Facebook is not only increasing in quantity but also in quality. Celebrities, successful people use Facebook more and more. And those are extremely potential objects of the real estate industry
  • In terms of form and placement of Facebook ads, it is extremely diverse. All for the same purpose to make the ad stand out. Increase the rate of users interacting with ads. Provide specific advertising objectives. From there, distribute to those who really need and meet your goals
  • New real estate Facebook advertising service! Although the number of businesses participating in real estate advertising on Facebook is increasing, it is mainly in the form of testing. In fact, there are still a large number of businesses that are still loyal to SEO and advertising with Google. So the real estate Facebook advertising service is still new and has many opportunities.
  • The undeniable strength of Facebook is that you can actively interact, which is very convenient for reaching customers. As long as you know how to take advantage, Facebook will have a better effect than Google.

In short, Facebook is still an extremely large playground for the real estate world and if you want to be effective, you should use real estate Facebook advertising services to optimize costs.


Benefits of using real estate Facebook advertising services:

Reach the right potential customers

With many years of experience running real estate Facebook ads, Lokas will help you reach the most potential customers. Reaching the right audience will help you avoid wasting exposure to non-potential audiences.


Cost savings:

Using the real estate Facebook advertising service is that you will transfer Facebook advertising money + service costs to the unit you cooperate with to advertise for you.

The cost of advertising real estate Facebook when using service parties usually includes 2 main items:

  • Facebook advertising budget: this amount to pay advertising costs for Facebook.
  • Service fee: this is the amount you pay the advertising company to install ads for you.

You do not have to pay additional space costs for marketing positions, and you do not have to pay additional salaries for the Marketing team. Everything has Lokas to support you remotely but still ensure maximum work efficiency.


Save time:

You will not waste time going to fix advertising problems because those problems are already handled by the Agency. Enterprises will receive detailed reports on advertising data and results by the service provider whenever required. It doesn’t take too much time to learn how to advertise and find materials to run Ads.


When working with customers, before deploying real estate Facebook advertising services for partners, Lokas will give you free advice on strategies for your reference. Contracts and clear paperwork on terms of service. Report specific data by week, month and at the request of customers.

Above are the benefits and reasons why you should use Facebook advertising services for real estate. Hope the article will bring you useful information. Need advice on overall marketing services, please contact Lokas for a free consultation 24/7!

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