Professional travel and tourism Facebook advertising service in Ho Chi Minh City

Why should you use Facebook advertising services for travel and tourism?

Travel and tourism Facebook advertising service is increasingly being used by businesses because up to now, more than 40 million people are using social networks to update information and find information about travel services. travel services outside of Google. And this number is increasing rapidly, showing no sign of stopping. The age of using Facebook is also extremely diverse, but mainly the age of users will fall between 16 and 35 years old.

Thus, with a huge and increasing number of users, it is extremely easy to promote images, products and services to the right potential customers. The important thing about using Facebook travel advertising services is how you can target specific target customers such as: gender, interests, region, age, etc.


Not only that, Facebook is an extremely viral social media channel and you can easily achieve results for revenue than previous traditional forms of advertising. Now, with just a laptop, you can carry out your promotional plan very simply and easily.

Moreover, you can also chat directly with customers through the Messenger application. Every day, the advertising cost that you spend for the travel Facebook advertising service is quite reasonable and the number of customers brought back also increases in a positive direction.

According to the latest statistics, the number of smartphone users to search for information about tours is up to 75% and use it to access social networks is a huge number. Therefore, do not ignore the travel Facebook advertising service in this channel.


The role of the travel Facebook advertising service:

Travel businesses will gain many benefits when implementing Facebook advertising campaigns. Some great benefits from the travel Facebook advertising service for businesses are:

Reach the right target audience: When setting up ads, Facebook allows users to dig deep into the business’s potential customers. Based on interests, demographics, consumer behavior, etc. .

Low advertising budget: Compared to investing in advertising for tourism products through traditional means, using Facebook advertising services for travel and tourism is extremely convenient and costs less. . Facebook allows you to set budgets to suit different campaigns large and small. So you can set an appropriate budget for your advertising.


Create a high connection and interaction between businesses and customers: With a simple interface and not difficult to use, Facebook has the ability to attract the maximum number of people to interact in articles. This helps the company reach more potential customers.

Help businesses adjust ads flexibly: Facebook ads allow businesses to flexibly adjust ads to suit each stage and strategy that businesses have oriented. It is possible to increase or decrease the ad sample, change the audience, display form, cost… of the ad. Also, Facebook isn’t just limited to the social networking space. It also allows you to lead customers to your website to increase sales through URLs.

Above is the information related to the travel Facebook advertising service. Hope the article will bring businesses useful information. Businesses that need overall marketing advice should contact Lokas for a free consultation.

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