Reasons why businesses should hire Lokas to run Facebook ads in Australia

Each country will have its own unique economic characteristics. Similarly, doing marketing in Vietnam will have many differences compared to Australia, including Facebook ads in Australia will have many different things in terms of targeting, objectives and budget. This makes it difficult for Vietnamese businesses to expand their brands to the Australian market by running Facebook ads. In this case, businesses should hire companies with long experience in running facebook ads in Australia to achieve the desired goal.

Why should you hire facebook ads in Australia?

You wonder many things about this market, but when you go to Google to find out, you will realize too much overlapping information, not systematic at all, even outdated knowledge. If we are new, without step-by-step instructions, without selective information, it will be difficult for us to grasp all the knowledge about running Facebook ads in Australia, because the knowledge and facebook algorithms change constantly and many times. endless.


Newbies often have the habit of advertising, then sitting down to pray, only hoping for good luck to advertise the right customer file. After that, you don’t know what to do with that campaign anymore. Or rather, you don’t have a proper strategy to run Facebook ads in Australia, don’t know what to do after the camp just failed. Especially when running facebook ads in Australia it will be even more difficult for your business. Making us more and more stuck not knowing where to start.

The cost of hiring foreign personnel in Australia is too expensive. As for the staff in Vietnam, the experience of running Facebook ads abroad is quite low, so it is still quite poor to achieve the desired effect. Especially the ability to target the wrong audience, the more costs are poured into Facebook, which is considered a waste.

Running facebook ads in Australia will not cost too much, but when you optimize your facebook ad campaign, you will save a lot of advertising costs.

Why do many businesses choose to advertise on facebook in Australia?

When you own a good product. But how do customers know about your product? Which marketing channel is most effective? It can be said that Facebook is the most effective advertising channel. With the support of Lokas running facebook ads in Australia is not difficult.


With a population not too large – approximately 25 million people, the total number of Facebook users in Australia accounts for two-thirds of the population in the country of kangaroos, equivalent to nearly 17 million users. With such a huge number of users, no marketer or business can underestimate this communication channel, but it is worth noting that, based on demographic analysis, Facebook has a huge number of consumers. but not the most loved by Gen Z under 18 years old.

Why you should hire Lokas to run Facebook ads in Australia

Lokas ‘ way of advertising facebook in Australia will help the unit target the right potential customers. Through the use of Facebook’s screening tools, the unit can capture the needs, preferences and purchasing behavior of users. Make it easier to bring your brand closer to customers.

Lokas’ advertising campaign is also very flexible. Understand customer needs. The unit has cleverly added images, videos or website links for customers to refer to. Make it easy for brand advertising customers to get their customer files.


In addition, the unit also sets up small campaigns next to the main advertising campaign with the duration from 1 week to 1 month. This will help more users reach the brand and have a better view of the product.

If you are currently having difficulty bringing your products to the Australian market. Please contact us immediately for more detailed advice on running facebook ads in Australia. Facebook advertising in Australia to bring your brand to the world will no longer be a difficult problem for Vietnamese people, it is not too difficult anymore.

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