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Revealing 9 great benefits of IP PBX

IP PBX is the perfect solution for many businesses today. So what are the advantages of this solution? Let’s find out the article below!

1. Low investment cost

IP PBX is deployed according to the cloud computing model (CaaS – Communication as a Service, Cloud based PBX) to help businesses deploy a cloud PBX system quickly and efficiently without having to invest in infrastructure. telephone cable infrastructure, switchboard hardware equipment… All it takes is an Internet connection and a terminal phone.

2. Easy Scalability

Conventional analog PBX system, if you want to upgrade, you have to buy modules (also known as cards) and subframes of the supplier itself and more importantly, you have to build a messy internal line system, aesthetic loss. For ip PBX you do not need to care about that, as long as you have a LAN system, the network line is available for desktop computers and so you just need to buy an additional ip phone attached to use the ability. Expansion is also not limited to extension.

Loi Ich Tong Dai Ip

3. Easy to install and configure

Utilize existing infrastructure (Internet, LAN, etc.). No need to go through the tangled phone lines like a traditional switchboard. Users can plug their phones anywhere in the office as long as there is a LAN port. Easily expandable without hardware upgrades and unlimited number of extensions.

4. Save manpower on call center

Thanks to the automatic mechanisms of the system such as Automatic Answering (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution System (ACD), Voice mail… will save time and cost of hiring a dedicated receptionist. And hiring a monthly switchboard will save the cost of hiring a fixed IT worker.

5. Easy integration with CRM, ERP

Integrating IP PBX with CRM, ERP……to synchronize data between the two software is a common trend of businesses that have deployed IP PBX. This is also an advantage when you want to integrate into the 3rd unit when using IP PBX.

6. Quick Troubleshooting

Analog PBX does not allow remote remediation and management. With an IP PBX, you are completely assured because it allows remote remediation and interaction with many different channels (Hotline, Zalo, teamview ….), the recovery time ranges from 2 hours – 24 hours.

7. Listen to calls on many devices

The IP PBX system allows you to make calls on free Softphone applications (Zoiper, Grandstream …) installed on PC, Smartphone, Tablet… Not just installed on IP Phone.

8. Free internal call charges

For businesses with many branches and offices, deploying an internal IP PBX has also significantly reduced the cost of free internal calling charges, especially without geographical location limitation.

9. Easily monitor and manage the system through the administration Web site

– Manage detailed history of incoming and outgoing calls, missed calls for each employee

– Manage all calls automatically forwarded to mobile, fixed and missed calls

– Manage recording of all incoming, outgoing calls, forward calls, voice mail calls….

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