Tong Dai Cskh 1800

Revealing the benefits of the 1800 . Customer Care Call Center solution

The cskh 1800 switchboard is a familiar number used by many professional companies in customer care. This is the number of switchboards used by many businesses today in Vietnam, specialized for customer care.

1. Auto call out

The call center 1800 solution also provides automatic call-out that allows users to schedule outbound calls and call out scenarios. The system also activates outbound calls according to the script preset by the operators.

2. Receive incoming calls and distribute to switchboard branches

The 1800 Customer Service Center has the benefit of receiving incoming calls and distributing calls. The system will display the incoming call number and information of the caller, play music on hold, fill in the waiting message, arrange incoming calls, unlimited call time. The switchboard also has the function of transferring calls. The 1800 Customer Care switchboard system also has the benefit of being able to organize meetings.

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3. Provide information automatically

With the customer service call center 1800, information that is of great interest such as: information about lottery results, football results or prediction program results… will be automatically answered through the server system. To know the information, the user calls and presses the code to look up, all information will be looked up automatically and answered to the user.

With the 1800 Customer Service switchboard solution, the server’s script answers automatically and can be built with the built-in scripting program. This will facilitate the development of award winning information, prediction and voting programs.

4. Call recording and message recording feature

The Customer Service Center 1800 solution also has a recording function. This function is used a lot in practice. With this function, voice calls will be saved and users can control them. This PBX solution can also integrate with some software to convert audio file formats and allow playback.

The Customer Care Center 1800 also provides call exploitation features such as: listening back to the calls made, deleting calls, searching for call information on criteria such as: number of calls. incoming, outgoing number and call duration, connected or missed calls.

The switchboard solution relies on the information flow of calls to evaluate the quantity, time and information on the regions to guide development.

5. Manage calls

Groups of telephone operators will be classified by the system according to functions such as group of phone failure reports, customer care groups, contact search groups, groups that will respond to socio-cultural information …

The switchboard also allows setting up call distribution rules such as rules by number of calls, by position, by the time the agent answers or a combination.

The switchboard will make statistics of call parameters such as call volume, queue status, call drop rate and answering status by group or operator.

The system also manages and statistics telephone operators by group and by operator’s code.

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