SEO and Google Adwords: Which form should businesses choose?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO and Google AdWords are both great services  for websites with search engines aimed at increasing  the number of potential audiences accessing  from the Google search engine and other search engines (for SEO), by searching keywords about products and services, related to your website. Howeverthese  two services have diverse utilities  and many different features in some respects that you should pay attention to. In an online marketing campaign, you  will probably have to use both to achieve the effects you want, in line with  your marketing goals. In this article, we will compare between SEO and Google Adwords which form is reasonable for your online advertising campaign. How to use SEO and Google AdWords accordingly.

Overview of SEO and Google Adwords



You have heard a lot of people mention this term. If you are not in the industry, you will probably have a lot of people misunderstanding that SEO with SALE. But to clarify about these two terms: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of your website thereby helping you to achieve high rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The method only takes into account the search results returned without any cost, does not include paid results such as google ads, … or traffic from social. Even when you go to google and search with the keyword Seo and visit any website with paid rankings, it is not counted as the result of SEO.

Google adwords


Google Ads is Google’s paid advertising channel , you can  create campaigns in many  different forms of promotion with the  ultimate goal  of:  Finding potential customers, bringing high profits to your business.

This is considered an advertising channel with high results and  optimized  costs . (In case  you know how to do it, of course).

Misconception: “Small businesses do not need to do SEO”

You join  many online forums and find that it  is super popular with  the big guys doing SEO and Google adwords. For example , real estate companies , pharmaceutical companies, fashion companies, etc. are all big  businesses. And tell yourself that your company is still small. It’s okay to not invest in SEO. The big market  is dominated by the big guys. Everyone owns  a large number of  private customers . But you have to remember, not counting the boulevards, the big roads also have alleys  . DIt  is a place where gathers  a group of customers with the same characteristics, you can completely enter this market, SEO and Google adwords help you reach people faster in  those niches . For example , if you are intending to market  pet products, for example You quickly set up  a pet-raising website and compete  with the current big boys , that’s for sureYou will be “in the middle of a broken road” instead of having to invest a little thought , there will be many niches  for you.


You can  type in the locality like raising a pet in Da Nang, according to the specific species like “raising a cat” ..vv In short, you have to  have a  smaller  niche to create your own playground . Avoid direct competition with the big guys, when you have enough feathers and wings, then fly. Did the example above make you come up with any ideas for yourself, or are you still afraid of SEO because you think you are small? If you are not confident enough, please refer to the comparison between SEO and Google Adwords to add strength to help you choose 1 page 2.

Comparison between SEO and Google Adwords

Google Adwords SEO
For Google Sites and Google Adsense Sites Applies to all search engines
Access from Adwords gets paid Access from SEO is free
Adwords ads appear in the upper right of Google Search and under certain conditions (auctions are competitive) you can get one of the ad positions You have to work much harder to get to one of the top positions in the organic search results.
Get instant TOP position through the campaigns you create and start getting targeted traffic you advertise 

It only takes 5 minutes for your ad to appear on the first page of search results.

It takes a lot more time (especially for new sites) to get good rankings and steady traffic. 

– Time to push keywords to TOP from 2-6 months from each level of keyword competition

 Easier to calculate costs and revenue More difficult because there are many factors in the process of making an SEO campaign change, affecting costs and revenue
At the end of the campaign, the traffic to the Website also stops Once you start getting organic traffic, the traffic will continue for a long time
Target multiple keywords at once Need to focus first on a few keywords for the best results, then you can gradually expand more keywords with shorter time to do expansion keywords first.
Customer clicks account for about 35% 

– Google Adwords encounters virtual clicks (ie competitors Click to lower the top keyword position)

– Customer clicks account for about 65% 

– SEO has more potential clicks → Click value is more profitable for SEO


Paying to Google per Click, so the number of people visiting your website through Google increases, it also means that the cost you have to pay to Google also increases. In addition, competitive keywords must bid high to reach the top, ie the fee paid per Click will fluctuate depending on each keyword. Fees paid for SEO services are always fixed even if the number of users accessing your website increases over time. 

→ In the long run, SEO is much cheaper

Only the promoted URL is affected, the remaining pages of the same Domain are affected very little When the website has been optimized for standard and SEO, long-tail keywords or potential keywords and keywords from other pages with the same domain with low competition will also be pulled up.

Comparison table of SEO and Google Adwords


SEO and Google adwords are not two competing tools, but they are two extremely useful ways that are available in your success secret  arsenal for you  to make digital marketing effective. The advice is that you use Adwords in case you need fast traffic , and use SEO to serve online sustainably. If you need to hire SEO and Google Adwords services, please contact Lokas immediately 

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