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Should businesses buy or should not buy the number 1900?

It can be seen that at present, the number 1900 has been installed and put into use by many businesses. Besides, many businesses are still wondering whether to buy or not to start the number 1900 for their business? So which option helps businesses save operating costs? Let’s find out through the article below!

Benefits when investing to buy a 1900 number to use

– Enterprises have a number for their own. Convenient in communicating and promoting the brand of the business through this number.

– Buying a 1900 number is an enterprise using a 1900 switchboard. Customers can contact and call the enterprise’s switchboard anytime, anywhere. Because the number 1900 is simple, easy to remember, easy to memorize. More specifically, 1900 is the first number that does not change the subscriber number in case the business moves to another headquarters (no need to add an area code number like regular subscribers).

– Enterprises will save a part of operating costs when using the 1900 number. No need to invest in an expensive PBX system. The supplier will be the unit that prepares the switchboard system as well as arranges technical staff to regularly check and maintain it. Businesses only need to buy a 1900 number and display terminals to serve their work.

In which case should you not buy a 1900 number?

Don’t install a 1900 number just because it’s trending. Because the initial setup cost is not cheap. After installation is not used, the service of the business remains unchanged. This will be both costly in terms of costs and not highly profitable.

The number of customers is too small, customers do not have the habit of calling the switchboard number to be served. Although the carrier will pay a part of the fee for the business when the customer calls. However, if the number of customers is too small, this number is not enough to cover the monthly maintenance costs of the business.

It can be said that the 1900 switchboard brings a lot of benefits to businesses. But not every business is suitable. An investment decision that is not focused, will lead to unfortunate consequences.

In which case should enterprises buy the first number 1900?

When a business has an existing customer base

The reason is because when a customer calls the business’s 1900 number, they will be charged a fee. With the fear of losing money, customers will certainly not want to call your business. Be careful with this. Customers may consider switching to a competitor’s product for this very small reason.

First Time 1900 1

Conversely, in case your business has an available customer base, they will not care about the cost of calling the 1900 switchboard. At this point, confidently install the 1900 switchboard to add a direct interaction channel. contact with customers.

When businesses want to promote top-notch care services to customers

Using the 1900 switchboard, businesses will raise the level of professionalism in customer service. With only a single phone number, businesses will promote their brand to potential customers. The easy-to-remember, unchanging number is the reason why customers will remember your business’s brand every time the phone number is mentioned.

Businesses want to build a professional customer care system

Investing in building a switchboard, businesses will have an additional channel of interaction and communication with customers. The outstanding features of the call center service will bring businesses a lot of benefits. Customers will love, and trust businesses that are always ready to listen and satisfy their needs. The customer care team will become more professional from the customer’s point of view. This is the time when your business scores and imprints in the minds of customers about the quality of service.

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