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Should businesses hire a virtual PBX service or build themselves?

Virtual PBX is gradually replacing the old analog PBX systems by technology, features as well as high flexibility, to meet all needs of enterprises. However, a question arises: Should businesses hire a virtual PBX service or build themselves ?

If you are also having such doubts, please immediately see the following article to have the right choice for you.

1. The concept of virtual PBX

The switchboard is simply understood as a system that helps terminal devices communicate with each other through internal extension numbers and call out parties via subscribers of the provider network. Currently, in enterprises, there are usually two forms. the following call centers:

The Enterprise Is The Best In The World The concept of virtual PBX

1.1 Analog PBX (Traditional PBX)

This is the public switched telephone network, also known as the traditional circuit switched telephone network. When a customer registers a number, the network operator will directly pull the trunk line to the customer (post office line). From there, the customer connects to the Analog switchboard (at the company’s office) to configure and split the extension directly on it.

1.2 Virtual PBX (IP PBX)

Is a business phone system hosted entirely on servers in off-site data centers and delivered over the internet (VoIP Technology). A virtual PBX can offer more features than even a traditional PBX phone system, while allowing non-technical administrators to easily set everything up.

For businesses, the switchboard is an indispensable part because without it, each employee is forced to use a separate phone number, leading to complications when receiving internal calls as well as calls from customers. client. In addition, it is very difficult to synchronize and centrally manage information.

With the PBX system, businesses only need to use a single phone number to serve communication. Customers need to meet any department, the switchboard will transfer the call to that department, thereby increasing work efficiency.

Currently, the Virtual PBX is gradually replacing the old Analog PBX systems to meet the diverse and constantly changing needs of businesses.

2. Should businesses hire a virtual PBX service or build it themselves?

With the benefits that a virtual PBX brings as well as its importance, owning a PBX system is essential. However, should businesses build their own IP PBX or rent to use and charge monthly?

Enterprises Of Inventions And Services 1 Virtual PBX Service

2.1 Plan to build your own IP PBX

This option Enterprises are proactive in all administration, only pay for the equipment investment and can use the system for a long time and do not have to pay a monthly subscription.

The system has no interference from 3rd parties, so it ensures security.

However, Enterprises have to invest in all equipment from IP PBX, IP phones, connection systems, converter devices (if any), upgrade licenses… This is quite a large expense for businesses. small and medium business

In addition, the Enterprise is forced to add resources and budget for the operation, maintenance and maintenance team to ensure the smooth operation of the system. To ensure the system is updated, it will depend on the level of IT expertise at the Enterprise.

2.2 The option of renting an IP PBX

With this option, we can absolutely have the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy deployment, low initial investment cost, not much money for equipment investment
  • System administration is located in the 3rd party, no need to spend personnel costs to operate the system.
  • No worries about equipment maintenance, maintenance, and depreciation
  • …..

When deploying the plan to rent a switchboard, businesses must pay a monthly subscription fee. However, the cost is quite low and can be completely based on the current needs of the business.

Since this is a rental system, the security assurance lies with the 3rd party. Enterprises when deploying should pay attention to the security terms when cooperating to ensure that data is always protected.

3. Conclusion

Above is the information that we want to share. Hope you will choose the right method for your current business, wish you success!

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