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Should real estate businesses use virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX for the real estate industry is currently one of the leading optimal solutions. Saving 40% of costs for real estate investment businesses.

The virtual switchboard for the real estate industry is the result of 4.0 technology, changing habits. And overcome the problems that currently traditional switchboards cannot do. This tool is extremely suitable for businesses that operate with a large volume of customers that need to be taken care of on a regular basis. Especially the real estate business.

Reasons for the real estate industry to install a virtual PBX system

1. Use a virtual PBX so you don’t miss calls

When using a virtual PBX,  the real estate industry will not worry about missing or missing calls. Because the number of incoming calls at the same time is not limited. In the same number and time, it will connect hundreds or thousands of customers. At the same time, the operator of the switchboard can work anytime, anywhere as long as the network is stable.

Enterprise Bat Dong San Co Nen Su Dung Tong Dai Ao Don’t miss any calls

In addition, it can forward calls to the employee’s personal phone number. In case, they are not online, busy on business or poor connection. Since then, we have taken advantage of every opportunity to consult and provide professional services.

2. Time and cost savings for the real estate industry

For using the traditional switchboard as before, it will cost us a lot of money. Including: hardware, installation labor, repair and maintenance staff, etc. However, when using a virtual switchboard, it is different. Because it operates on a cloud computing platform and operates over an internet connection. At the same time, the time for system installation is also quick.

Enterprise Bat Dong San Co Nen Su Dung Tong Dai Ao 1 Save time and money

In particular,  the real estate industry  also saves up to 50% of call charges. Virtual PBX allows rooms and departments to connect to each other completely free of charge. Besides, the staff can advise and take care of their customers in the best way. From there, it not only reduces costs and time but also reduces the burden on personnel.

3. Effective customer management features for the real estate business

It is not possible for employees to memorize, manage information and customer needs in each project by themselves. So, the CRM feature integrated in  the real estate industry  will make management easy. At the same time, it also quickly retrieves customer information data. From there, the process of communicating with customers is comfortable and convenient, and more projects are sold.

Enterprise Bat Dong San Co Nen Su Dung Tong Dai Ao 2 Customer management

4. Employee performance reports

With the recording feature, detailed statistics of all calls on the virtual switchboard. We can know the duration and content exchanged between employees and customers. From there, we will measure the performance of each employee. At the same time, based on that to effectively divide the work, complete the best.

5. Some other benefits from virtual PBX

  • Easily expand the system with the scale and needs of the current business;
  • Allocate and connect client computers to employees reasonably;
  • Bring an exciting feeling with music on hold on a smart virtual switchboard;
  • Take care of target customers with automated messages.


Above is all the information we want to share. Good luck!

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