SMS advertising helps real estate companies reach thousands of VIP customers

SMS advertising is a form of marketing by sending SMS messages to customers’ phone numbers to promote products and services or take care of customers to have orders and profits. SMS advertising is currently used by many real estate companies because of its convenience and speed. Instead of telesale for each customer with repeated scenarios, with just 1 SMS, you can send bulk to the customer data list to introduce new projects. Optical-High-Sms-La-Giant

Why should real estate agents use SMS advertising services?

Low cost of SMS advertising

As you know, the cost of marketing communication channels and social networks is increasing day by day. Due to the increasing number of advertisers, the overall bid price is also increasing immeasurably.

But SMS ads are not subject to competitive bids like other types of advertising. The price of each message is fixed, clearly defined by the carrier. And even the real estate sector is offered a very low price by the network operator from only 210 VND / message.


SMS ads can only be sent by businesses

SMS brandname ads will display the name of the company/unit sending the message to you, whether or not you have their number saved on your device.

Banks often use the most popular form of SMS brandname. They send messages with clear headings to notify you of your account transactions.

Of course, other brands/companies/businesses can do it too. However, you must register as a business to use SMS advertising services.

Send messages directly to customer’s phone

After the customer has signed the project interest form from the business information posted on the website, or the customers who have purchased the company’s project. The next time you launch a new product, or new project instead of having to find new customers, why not text old buyers to come see the goods?

The cost of acquiring a new customer is 7-8 times higher than taking care of an old customer. Therefore, SMS advertising not only helps you save advertising costs, but it also increases your profits.

Message open and read rate is as high as 99%

An extremely cool advantage of SMS advertising is the extremely high message view rate. You can verify this for yourself.

Doesn’t when you get a text message on your phone, the first thing you do is open it up to see the content? Your customers too, when you launch an SMS Marketing campaign, they will open their phone and read it right away.

Compared to email or simple advertising, SMS advertising messages have a very high message viewing rate, 99% of the people who receive the message will open it.


Personal real estate business how to have quality data?

Buy a list of potential phone numbers

This is extremely risky, but can also be successful in some industries. Do a Google search and you’ll find several vendors selling phone numbers by occupation, position, or place of residence.

But these SMS advertising lists are most likely spammed with promotional SMS. If you buy and use, customers will also ignore the message.

Using software to capture customers’ phone numbers when accessing the website

This is a pretty cool way for you to get a potential customer’s phone number as soon as they visit your website. This way requires you to be technically savvy, using a 3rd party to provide this special service.

Recently, however, this practice has been gradually phased out. Because the software can only get phone numbers when customers use 3G/4G to surf the web. And the website must turn off the secure connection to get this information.

Most browsers will warn users when they visit a website without a secure connection. Therefore, this method gradually becomes less effective, in the long run it may be completely eliminated.

These are the reasons why sms ads help real estate companies reach VIP customers. Hope this article will bring you useful information.

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