SMS Brand name service, the most effective Mobile Marketing solution in 2022

SMS Brand name service is a form of mobile marketing being used by many businesses. With its simplicity and relatively low cost, this is considered an extremely effective marketing channel for businesses. So how does this service work? Please refer to Lokas’s article below!

What is SMS Brand name service?

SMS Brand name service is one of the marketing solutions chosen by many businesses in recent years. Possessing outstanding advantages that other marketing channels do not have, SMS Brand name service is currently the top priority form of marketing. With the professionalism that SMS Brand name service brings, it will help businesses reach customers quickly and create credibility for the brand. SMS Brand name service is a form of sending mass messages to customer phone numbers with content advertising services, promotions or customer care messages. When the message is downloaded, the sender section will display the brand name or business name that the company has registered with the network operator.


Why is SMS Brand name service rated effectively?

Compared with regular SMS service, SMS Brand name service is highly appreciated for its prestige and efficiency. The reasons that SMS Brand name service is effective are as follows:

SMS Brand name service brings many benefits over other advertising mediums:

Currently, businesses use SMS Brand name service more widely than other types of marketing advertising because SMS provides a more optimal experience:

– Low cost

– Extremely high promotion efficiency and SMS Brand name service targeting the right customers who are interested and accompany the business

– Messages of products and services are sent directly to mobile numbers with a high message viewing rate

– Customers can easily interact with the business


SMS Brand name service has many advantages:

– Enhance the value of the company/brand/product brand

– With low cost, fast sending speed

– Direct Marketing channel brings the most benefits today

– Content delivered directly to the target audience

– The conversion rate is boosted in the work of changing customer behavior

– Automated customer care channels, creating sustainable and long-term relationships

SMS Brand name service is versatile application:

– Support SMS Marketing and Email Marketing

– Integrate Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools

– Integrate Google Feed, Google Shopping, Facebook Feed, Facebook Pixel

– Integrated chat Facebook Messenger

– Easily track and evaluate sales performance, based on the behavior of customers accessing the website

– Increase advertising effectiveness

– Automated customer care and maintaining good relationships with existing customers, increasing customer loyalty to the brand

– Make the warranty process simple and accurate


Lokas specializes in providing SMS Brand name service:

– Lokas is the leading provider of multi-channel marketing and customer care solutions today. With more than 100 brands and businesses that have been accompanying, Lokas affirms its prestigious position in the hearts of customers.

SMS Brand Name service is one of the services that achieve outstanding efficiency besides multi-channel Markrting solutions, SEO standard website design, domain name registration, Facebook advertising services, Google Ads ads and others. Social networking platform…

– Lokas owns the largest customer data mining system today with extremely economical costs and high information security capabilities.

If your business needs advice on marketing solutions, please contact Lokas for a free consultation 24/7. Above is the information about SMS Brandname service, hope the article will bring you useful information!

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