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SMS Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

SMS marketing, if applied properly, will be effective for businesses. However, unnecessary mistakes will cause the entire campaign to fail. Here are the do’s and don’ts when implementing an sms marketing campaign.


1. Concise and with emphasis

Each SMS Marketing message is limited to 160 characters, so you need to make it short, easy to understand and have a highlight so that customers can remember it right after reading.

2. Collect the list of customers properly

Everyone wants to have an abundant database (list of customers), but that doesn’t mean we “grab” arbitrarily any phone numbers we find.

Try building your list from scratch by asking past and potential customers to give you their phone numbers if they want to get the information they need. You can use the same tactic to grow your email marketing list.

Never go out and buy a bunch of phone numbers from one provider no matter how tempting the advertisement. Come to think of it, why would you text someone who has never heard of your business and has never expressed a desire to hear from you?

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<span>Do&#8217;s and Don&#8217;ts when deploying sms marketing campaign</span>

Instead, build your contact list honestly. This can take a long time, but it should be determined that people are really interested in what the business will offer and want to interact with the business via SMS (because they have registered since before ), the possibility that they are interested in the SMS Marketing you send will be much higher than a stranger.

 3. Offer something really valuable

If you want to contact customers via SMS, make sure you have a good reason to do so. So every SMS Marketing you send to customers, give them something really valuable. Be it a new product update, a reminder for their next appointment with you, an exclusive discount code or a sale announcement. The bottom line is that you should always offer something of value and appeal.

4. Call to Action

For each SMS Marketing message, don’t forget to remind and call customers to take action. It can be clicking on the link in the message, contacting the consulting team, signing up… A call to action has the effect of motivating customers to act immediately, if ignored when reading the message they have. You may never again take the action you were expecting.


1. Send SMS Marketing regardless of time

You don’t plan the right time to send messages, but sending randomly is a serious mistake. Sending time is one of the factors affecting the success of the campaign. So please carefully consider the time to send the message.

2. Buy customer phone number

For the reasons explained in the previous section, it is clear that you should not buy a customer list under any circumstances. No matter what business day you belong to, this is a taboo thing that you should not do at all.

3. Send generic messages to all customer groups

Each customer group needs to have a unique message tailored to their preferences and psychology. Even if your SMS Marketing campaign is aimed at all customers, you still need to categorize customer groups according to certain criteria, thereby offering SMS messages that are suitable for them.

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4. Forgot to introduce myself

Don’t forget to introduce yourself! It’s simple, but you will be surprised how many consumers have admitted that they have received so many SMS Marketing that after reading it have to wonder who sent it?

5. Always emphasize the sale

SMS marketing is a great channel for bringing customers into your business. But taking care of advertising products and services and reminding customers to buy will make them feel uncomfortable.

SMS Marketing is not just for sales. It is an effective channel for connecting and taking care of customers. You need to make the customer feel comfortable with genuine care.

Think how about sending a Happy Birthday message to someone you know is celebrating that day? Or Merry Christmas and Happy New Year messages. Instead of just sending dry sales messages that make customers feel overwhelmed. Many companies send promo codes to their customers during the holiday season as a special greeting.

6. Sending messages with too much frequency

You constantly send messages to customers, inadvertently it will turn from SMS Marketing to SMS Spam. It’s really annoying to constantly receive messages from a certain brand business. Consider a reasonable sending frequency.

Thus, we have introduced to you the do’s and don’ts while implementing SMS Marketing strategies and campaigns.

Hope this is useful information for you to create successful campaigns for your personal and business.

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