SMS service is an effective marketing channel to reach and take care of customers

SMS service is a tool to send mass messages to old / new customers completely automatically by 24-hour online system. The operation is very simple, just select the list of customers you want to send and click, the system will help you send bulk messages to old customers or the list of customers you want to send.
Lokas provides SMS BrandName Advertising, SMS BrandName Customer Service, Customer care messages from 10 fixed numbers, in addition, it also provides a virtual switchboard system, call center and Email Marketing service.


Why is SMS service rated effective?

  • SMS marketing service increases the value of company brand/brand/product
  • Low cost, quick and convenient message sending time
  • Is the most effective Direct Marketing channel today trusted by many large and small businesses
  • The message is sent directly to the target audience
  • High conversion rate in customer behavior change work
  • This is an automatic customer care channel, creating a sustainable and long-term relationship between businesses and customers.


Who should use SMS service?

SMS service is not limited to industries or business fields, but the scope of marketing message services can be applied such as:

  • Business or sales: product promotion, gift coupons, promotions, discounts, birthdays
  • Support SMS Marketing and Email Marketing
  • Integrate Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools
  • Integrate Google Feed, Google Shopping, Facebook Feed, Facebook Pixel
  • Integrated chat Facebook Messenger
  • Easily track and evaluate sales performance, based on the behavior of customers visiting the website
  • Increase advertising effectiveness


What should I pay attention to when registering for SMS service?

All individuals, business households and businesses can use SMS services, but depending on the organization, the method of use and the required documents will be different.

1. For enterprises:

  • Brandname: Can be named after Vietnamese, English, Abbreviated on GPKD (Show brand name).
  • The declaration file includes: GPKD + Dispatch forms to declare the network operator + Identity certificate (QC) + File template (CSKH).
  • Note:

Dispatch forms to declare network carriers

– Legal representative signs in blue ink, files on 2 pages will be Giap Lai, and printed on 2 sides will be stamped on the top left corner of page 1.

– Legal representative does not sign => Add Authorization to sign

Foreign documents => Vietnamese translation

  • How to look up business information:

Check Enterprise Information (By Tax Code) on Portal https://dangkytinhdoanh.gov.vn/ => Information on business license and field in which Enterprise wants to register, send a message must be on the system business search.

2. For Business Households:

  • Name Brandname

TH 1: If HKD name is not more than 11 characters => Add HKD in front of BN name

TH 2: If HKD name is more than or full 11 characters => No need to add HKD in front of BN name

  • Declaration file: HKD + ID card / CCCD + Forms of official declaration of network operator + Certificate of identity (QC) + File template (CSKH)
  • Note: Dispatch forms to declare network – Legal representative signs in blue ink, initials each page – Legal representative does not sign => Add Authorization to sign Foreign documents => Translation Vietnamese
  • The representative information on the HKD and the ID card / Citizen ID card of the HKD representative are required to match. In case the permanent address / issue date of the representative on the ID card / CCCD does not match the above information. HKD must add confirmation papers from state agencies to prove information (For example, household registration book, KT3, temporary residence book, temporary absence, etc.) Information of the representative on the HKD is the ID card, the customer uses CCCD. => Certificate of ID card

3. For individuals:

Regarding the personal use of SMS services, there are requirements and commitments with the network operator. For specific advice, please contact Lokas for consulting support

Above is the information about SMS service, hope the article will bring useful knowledge to readers!

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