Some reputable facebook advertising service providers in HCMC

Currently, to choose for yourself an organization that operates facebook advertising service among many names in the marketing service market can be a challenge for businesses. A good facebook advertising organization will help businesses raise their brands, but still ensure maximum cost savings.

Therefore, with many years of operation in the profession, we have selected a number of companies and organizations that provide the best quality and affordable facebook advertising services in the Ho Chi Minh City market.

Please refer to the article below to choose the right partner for your business!


Lokas . Technology Co

company introduction

More than 65 customers have trusted the service for many years, more than 7 years of experience, are currently implementing dozens of large and small projects and have many other impressive parameters when it comes to Lokas technology company. The golden address in the field of providing total digital marketing solutions that any business needs to know.

Besides Facebook advertising services, Lokas also provides other services such as website design, Google ads, SEO services, SMS Marketing, PBX System virtual switchboard… these are all services to support media businesses. It looks very good that the 4.0 technology era is moving towards 5.0.

Typical customers who have experienced advertising services at Lokas include the following names: KawaEco, Wholesale Pharmacy, Western Cuisine, Landmark Group,…


Benefits of using facebook advertising service in Lokas

With many years of experience in the profession and possession of many successful projects, and extensive knowledge, when choosing Facebook advertising services in Lokas, you will receive benefits that exceed your expectations. The advantages can include:

  • Target the right target audience.
  • Maximum cost savings
  • Increase reach and interaction.
  • Enhance the spillover effect and improve sales.
  • Warranty policy, service maintenance at Lokas is always updated to the latest by the company. Ensure the progress of customer projects.

Contact Info

  • Address: 808/5/3/1 National Highway 13, Quarter 4, Hiep Binh Phuoc, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 0906039838
  • Website: ads@lokas.vn

Red Apple

Red Apple Advertising and Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Is a company specializing in providing all online advertising services to develop Website and support to complete the business in the most comprehensive way. Up to now, Red Apple is very knowledgeable about consumer insights. Therefore, helping businesses bring impressive experiences and approaches to customers.

With many years of experience in the field of online communication and advertising. With a team of young, dynamic, creative and highly responsible staff. Red Apple Company has cooperated and satisfied more than 1000 large and small businesses in Vietnam. In particular, in which, the Facebook advertising service always brings high efficiency. Red Apple accurately reaches customers based on many factors of age, interests, geography…

Mia Agency

Mia Agency is a unit specializing in providing total communication solutions on the Online Marketing platform. Up to now, this Agency has more than 5 years of operation and development, has the opportunity to cooperate with many businesses. Thanks to that, he has a lot of experience in implementing projects in many industries and fields. Mia deploys many service packages to meet the diverse needs of customers. Including consulting, implementing overall online marketing, website design, advertising  services, writing services for website,  SEO and tax KOLs, Influencers.


Chin Media

When using the service to run Facebook ads, we are forced to follow their rules of the game. Although some algorithms can limit the effectiveness of ads, but with many years of experience,  Chin Media can help you take advantage of that “disadvantage” to optimize your ads. Some forms of Facebook advertising that the company offers are: page like, post engagement, l ead generation, Call-To-Action, clicks to website, re-targeting: focus on customers who have visited your website.

Vietnamese ADS

When researching the optimal solution for online business, it is impossible not to mention Viet Ads online joint stock company. Born in 2013, after 8 years of operation, they have become a famous company in the field of advertising communication.

Thus, we have just learned about some reputable organizations in the field of Facebook advertising services in Ho Chi Minh City. Hope you will find a suitable company for your online business. Remember to visit  Lokas  daily to receive useful information about other services.

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