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Spot the 7 common mistakes in deploying the telephone exchange

In the process of using a telephone switchboard, you will inevitably encounter some errors, so it is essential to note the common errors when deploying the telephone exchange that we introduce below.

What is a telephone exchange?

A telephone exchange, also known as PBX, is an abbreviation of the English phrase Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company.

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What are 7 common mistakes when deploying a telephone switchboard?

Applying new technology too soon

There are many businesses that are currently falling into the “technology trap” by immediately applying new tools as soon as they are launched. This is not a really ideal option because employees are forced to constantly adopt completely new technologies. Even your customers may find it annoying because your business is constantly changing the way you communicate.

Not only that, upgrading the telephone exchange system often costs businesses a lot of money. Even in the case of a phone system failure, you don’t know what method to use to fix it because these are technology products that are in the testing phase.

Not customized according to needs

Depending on the nature of the job, each employee needs different phone features. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each business to set up for each position a customized phone system with truly essential functions. What phone features do your employees need? Give them those tools right away. This will make it easier for them to work, thereby improving work efficiency.

For example, a salesperson or service department will use group calls, connecting to mobile devices, etc. the most. Meanwhile, it is possible that employees of other departments do not really need these features.

Use an expensive phone system

Expensive phone systems will not necessarily work well in your business. It is also a phone system error that many business units are facing today. On the one hand, you have to spend a lot of money to install and operate them, on the other hand, many employees and customers and partners are not satisfied with their quality.

So, instead of squandering your budget on an expensive phone system, make sure it’s worth it – that is, use only the system that best suits your process and company size.

Lagging behind in technology

No modern business succeeds without adopting new technological trends. It’s not illogical with the above argument, you should only keep up with technology trends that have received many positive reviews from experts and have an effective user support system.

Technology is always being innovated day by day. Therefore, if you do not update and innovate in time, you will encounter great disadvantages in business.

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For example, if you persist in using the old phone system, businesses will lose a lot of money on telecommunications charges, and the quality of customer care of the agents will also be greatly limited. Instead, using VoIP will bring more benefits: no geographical restrictions, cost savings – for example, free internal calls, etc.

So, keeping up to date with new technologies is one of the most effective methods to deal with failures when implementing a phone system.

Expect customers to understand how to use

One phone system mistake that many businesses make today is not providing specific contact instructions to customers. The default that they already understand how to communicate is the reason why users can’t reach you and are willing to give up the product choice.

Now, give your users the most meticulous instructions for communicating with your business. For example, offering toll-free phone numbers for customers to reach…

Diffuse too much information

A phone system error that many people also frequently encounter is not being able to receive information or vice versa. This problem will make both customers and employees feel frustrated and lose the professionalism of the company.

The cause of this problem is that the calls take place too much, leading to the frequent busyness of the machine. To limit this situation, you can ask employees to email or text, limit phone use in unnecessary cases.

Brand loyalty

There are many businesses that choose to buy phone equipment from the same supplier for many years in a row. Loyalty is not wrong, but sometimes it will cause some problems for your own company.

For example, a loyal business brand that doesn’t keep up to date with new technologies or doesn’t have a product that’s compatible with your phone… Therefore, being afraid to change suppliers can sometimes become a major obstacle. for your growth!

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