Spy Ads Facebook is an extremely effective tool to help compete with competitors

Spy Ads Facebook is abbreviated as SPY, this is one of the extremely effective competitor research tools that anyone should know. So how beneficial is Spy Ads Facebook? Let’s find out with Lokas through the article below!

What is Spy Ads Facebook?

The phrase SPY in English means: spy, spy. Spy Ads on Facebook on Facebook Ads is the act of tracking and observing competitors ‘ behaviors on Facebook, for example in the content field. In other words, you will monitor and research whether the content ads of your competitors are competing with you:

  • What to do on Facebook?
  • To whom?
  • How is the method?
  • How is the method applied?
  • What is “catching the trend”?
From the results achieved, you will draw lessons to build your campaign better or compete healthy. And this is also one of the “treasure of ideas” when you “secret” content ads for the upcoming campaign.

Top 3 most effective Facebook Spy Ads tools in 2022


This is one of the highest rated Facebook Spy Ads software . Although it is a paid software, Poweradspy gives users a great feeling of enjoyment . Literally “expensive in pieces”.

The outstanding features of this Facebook Spy Ads are:

  • Search by keyword, search by fanpage URL and discover all Ads of that page
  • Sort Ads by number of interactions
  • Diversify Ads search results: by time, call to action, display position or by target audience, …
  • The interface is close to newbies to use. Just spend a little time to learn, you will bring yourself results beyond expectations. Not only bring landing pages, you will also find Ads templates, Ads design ideas, Ads messages, how to write content, …



This is one of the most recommended Facebook Spy Ads tools to find content and SPY competitor pages. Using Buzzsumo, you can definitely see high-engagement posts on your competitor’s Fanpage. From there, learn and explore their content to draw your own knowledge.

Advantages of Buzzsumo

  • Content Research: In this section, Buzzsumo provides a variety of functions so you can do almost anything with content research exactly about the industry you are in. In particular, the Backlinks feature to notable articles helps you refer to the content effectively.
  • Influencers: you will be able to find and filter out influential people in the industry you are pursuing. It could be Bloggers, Experts, Journalists, Influencers, etc. You can follow or list them as potential Outreach Lists.
  • Monitoring: measure results and notify each time your brand or content is mentioned by others.
  • Keeps you up to date with new trends on Facebook with the “Trending Now” feature.
  • Create and send statistical notifications every day
  • Proactively notify you of new updates or even get notified when someone mentions your brand name.


Fanpage Karma

Not only Facebook, Fanpage Karma also supports research and analysis of your account information and that of your competitors on Twitter channels. Google +, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

The outstanding features of this Spy Ads Facebook tool are:

  • Compare different Fanpage directly, beautiful interface and display comparison charts and graphs.
  • The follow-up period was long enough to draw comparative conclusions. Fanpage Karma will default to the most recent 90 days of comparison. If you want to change the time, you can customize it accordingly.
  • Multi-faceted comparison. Overview (General) and specific parameters such as Interactions (Engagement), growth rate (Growth), Repeatability (Frequency), Outstanding Keywords (Keywords), … are all put on the “balance sheet” compare” and submit weekly reports.
  • Help viewers easily observe the overview by supporting data export to Excel or PowerPoint.

Above are the Facebook Spy Ads tools to help businesses analyze and compete with competitors effectively. Hope this article will bring you useful information

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